Members Research Note

We run the rule every week over all LSE, FTSE, AIM and Techmark stocks and identify potential stop-loss and recovery subjects to aid members shares research. Members receive our note at the end of the week via a mailshot and you can join us by using the Fillout Form below. Further Info Click here

Registration also allows you to post on the site Members Bulletin Board and so the Username is also BB ID. Your preferred password will be accepted if available.

Finally please remember much research into company health and prospects is required to find decent subjects. UKCityMedia cannot and does not tip shares. For further info see our notes below.

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Our reg system doesnt like underscores and dots - avoid. Pls note we dont abuse your privacy. Our terms state we hold your details confidential. We only use your e mail address to contact you re the site, the bulletin boards, our in house promotions - presently UCM Research Note and possibly partner special offers.

The Boards. Pls dont use unpleasant language, We can censor but prefer not for obvious reasons. We expect members to help police our boards and contact admin with any concerns.

Outrageous claims. Pls dont make these on the boards and remember, it is an offence to openly deceive via false claims and statements. If there is any suggestion of this we can co-operate with authorites as is stated in terms.

Finally, pls remember to check validity of any postings made. Our reg system does not stop persons with poor motives from abusing the system and we cannot police this 24 hours a day. Pls be aware these are standard conditions for all money site information exchanges but only sign up if you are happy to comply and accept the above basic premise. For further info please check site terms.