Free online mobile phone advice - cheapest online mobile phone quotes
Free online mobile phone advice - cheapest online mobile phone quotes

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Latest online mobile phone news articles

This is Money

Mobile phone scam that leaves you with a £300 bill for calls you never made
This is Money
Thousands of mobile customers are falling victim to a terrifying new scam that leaves them with a giant bill for a phone call they insist they never made. Some victims are being hit with charges of more than £300 for mystery calls lasting up to 12 ...
A new mobile phone scam leaves people with huge bills for calls they never madeWalesOnline
Mobile phone scam makes phantom calls, lumps customers with hefty billsArs Technica UK
The shocking new mobile phone scam that hits YOU with a £300 bill for calls never madeThe Sun

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ABC Online

Manus Island internal gates locked, mobile phones banned despite earlier loosening of restrictions
ABC Online
Detainees in the Manus Island detention centre say internal gates have been locked again and phones banned. The Manus Island detention centre is made up of internally-secured accommodation compounds, which for the past two weeks have been used to ...

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Mobile speed cameras can catch you using a mobile phone and not wearing a seat belt
We've all seen mobile speed cameras parked up on the side of the road. But did you know they can also catch you using a mobile phone and not wearing a seat belt? Go Safe, the Welsh road casualty reduction partnership, has a number of marked mobile ...

PC Advisor

OnePlus 3 feature, specification rumours
PC Advisor
In early December Mobile-Dad leaked online some renders of the forthcoming OnePlus 3 - that may or may not be genuine - along with some specifications that at least sound plausible. For now there is no concrete information on the possibility of a ...
OnePlus 3 Launch May 2016: Multiple Display Sizes, 6GB of RAM + Snapdragon 820Know Your Mobile

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Daily Mail

PC Stephen Smith 'destroyed mobile phone evidence when arrested for harassing ex'
Daily Mail
A married PC who discovered his police officer wife was having an affair with a colleague allegedly destroyed mobile phone evidence when he was arrested on suspicion of harassing her. PC Stephen Smith, 32, of Tredegar, Blaenau Gwent in South Wales, ...

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Vodafone and EE named among worst mobile phone providers
The online provider's low prices plus flexible approach to selling pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Sim cards and unlocked handsets that can be used with any network proved popular. Supermarket providers claimed the second and third spots. Asda Mobile scored ...

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Things to remember when shopping online. websites comparing lowest cost online mobile phone offers do not always offer best value for money. There are other aspects of an online service to consider and we have listed some of the issues that consumers may wish to consider before buying goods online. Information pages : Any online online mobile phone shopping sites should offer information pages with references, within the pages, to further information about the online mobile phone products offered for sale. Consumer should also take into account company size, number of visitors, quality of content, breadth of product types offered. Consumer help : Sites offering cheapest online mobile phone quotes should offer online consumer help within the category online mobile phone. Website down time and poor information pages may also be an indication of reliability and quality of online mobile phone suppliers. Referrals : Sites should contain a client list or referrals from satisfied customers. There should be references indicated on the site from users that recommend the site of service. Always look for an indication of competence and reliable service in a special field. Security : Shopping platforms should contain a full set of online Terms and Conditions. Contact details should be clearly indicated or available through further links. Each site should also hold a Privacy Policy and most importantly, site must offer a secure system for handling transactions. After sales service : Review site service arrangements, spare parts, accessories & after-sales service.

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