Free online mobile phone advice - cheapest online mobile phone quotes
Free online mobile phone advice - cheapest online mobile phone quotes

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Latest online mobile phone news articles

Daily Mail

Runcible mobile phone looks like a door handle
Daily Mail
If you are easily distracted by your smartphone or long for the return of simple mobiles that don't require lots of apps, then this 'anti-smartphone' is for you. The round phone, described as the first personal device for the 'post-smartphone era', is ...

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The Guardian

Twitter's new bid to end online abuse could endanger dissidents
The Guardian
He said: “Requiring all Tor users to submit a mobile phone number to sign up for a Twitter account could risk exposing people who have a legitimate need to keep their identity hidden – for example human rights activists, dissidents and victims of abuse.

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Mobile News

Kazam Online ad banned by UK Advertising Standards Authority
Kazam Online defended the ad, stating that it played on the idea that the smartphone was so slim that it could easily be forgotten as it was left in a shirt pocket and that many people iron in their underwear before going out. The mobile phone company ...
Mobile phone ad banned for objectifying womenMarketing
Kazam TV Advert For The 'World's Slimmest Phone' Banned For 'Objectifying ...Huffington Post UK

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Hairdresser was using mobile phone when she crashed into and killed elderly ...
A young hairdresser was using her mobile phone at the wheel when she crashed into and killed a devoted couple walking arm in arm in a quiet Welsh village, a court has heard. Driver Taylor McDonnell, 21, knocked down grandparents Denis and Joyce Drew ...

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Data usage - how to stay within your monthly allowance
The same applies when you are making changes on a calendar that is then synced online. You tend to use data fairly often when using a computer or mobile phone, and your broadband or mobile contracts typically allow you to use a certain amount of data ...

Woman receives selfies sent from stolen mobile phone
Police want to speak to these three men, after a woman received a series of selfies sent from her stolen mobile phone. The 24-year-old woman was walking in Birmingham city centre at about 3am on New Year's Eve when she was pushed to the ground by a ...

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Things to remember when shopping online. websites comparing lowest cost online mobile phone offers do not always offer best value for money. There are other aspects of an online service to consider and we have listed some of the issues that consumers may wish to consider before buying goods online. Information pages : Any online online mobile phone shopping sites should offer information pages with references, within the pages, to further information about the online mobile phone products offered for sale. Consumer should also take into account company size, number of visitors, quality of content, breadth of product types offered. Consumer help : Sites offering cheapest online mobile phone quotes should offer online consumer help within the category online mobile phone. Website down time and poor information pages may also be an indication of reliability and quality of online mobile phone suppliers. Referrals : Sites should contain a client list or referrals from satisfied customers. There should be references indicated on the site from users that recommend the site of service. Always look for an indication of competence and reliable service in a special field. Security : Shopping platforms should contain a full set of online Terms and Conditions. Contact details should be clearly indicated or available through further links. Each site should also hold a Privacy Policy and most importantly, site must offer a secure system for handling transactions. After sales service : Review site service arrangements, spare parts, accessories & after-sales service.

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