Free online mobile phone advice - cheapest online mobile phone quotes
Free online mobile phone advice - cheapest online mobile phone quotes

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Latest online mobile phone news articles

Know Your Mobile

How to boost YOUR mobile phone's battery life
Daily Mail
There are various, well-known tweaks you can make to your smartphone to boost its battery life, such as turning off Wi-Fi and decreasing the screen's brightness. But these only have a limited effect when other features and services are draining energy ...
iPhone 6 Review: Bigger Is DEFINITELY BetterKnow Your Mobile

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Daily Mail

Free apps used to spy on millions of phones
Daily Mail
Millions of people are being spied on by free apps they have installed on their mobile phones, security experts have warned. ... We have opened a Pandora's Box to online predators, cyber criminals and spies – all through these apps we foolishly trust.'.

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Loom band girl racks up £1792 bill on mobile phone watching 28 HOURS of ...
A 10-year-old girl racked up a £1,792 monthly bill on her mobile phone after watching videos on how to make loom bands - leaving her dad horrified. Little Trinity Groves inadvertently built up the massive tab over a two week period on her Nokia Lumia ...
10-year-old runs up £1792 phone bill downloading loom band

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Mobile phone anxiety? Six out of ten Irish people suffer from nomophobia
Irish Independent
A survey of 500 18 to 40-year-olds revealed 57pc suffered from nomophobia, anxiety caused by being without one's mobile phone. Richard Colwell, chief executive at Red C Research, said there is also increasing use of smartphones for online access, with ...

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Liverpool Echo

Shop Direct signs up for Zapp technology
Liverpool Echo
Speke-based online and catalogues retailer Shop Direct has signed up to a new mobile phone-based payments system. Zapp will allow customers to browse websites on their phone and then pay for items direct, without the need for passwords or card details, ...
Asda and Sainsbury's to launch mobile
Zapp brings mobile payment to the high streetCITY A.M.
Asda, Sainsbury's and House of Fraser to allow mobile payments from 2015The Drum

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The average price difference between online and offline prices of smartphones ...
Economic Times
"The supposedly predatory pricing is in fact not so predatory, as far as prices of mobile phones are concerned,"said Nitin Mathur, co-founder of "While online prices are lower in majority of the cases in our survey, offline prices are ...

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Things to remember when shopping online. websites comparing lowest cost online mobile phone offers do not always offer best value for money. There are other aspects of an online service to consider and we have listed some of the issues that consumers may wish to consider before buying goods online. Information pages : Any online online mobile phone shopping sites should offer information pages with references, within the pages, to further information about the online mobile phone products offered for sale. Consumer should also take into account company size, number of visitors, quality of content, breadth of product types offered. Consumer help : Sites offering cheapest online mobile phone quotes should offer online consumer help within the category online mobile phone. Website down time and poor information pages may also be an indication of reliability and quality of online mobile phone suppliers. Referrals : Sites should contain a client list or referrals from satisfied customers. There should be references indicated on the site from users that recommend the site of service. Always look for an indication of competence and reliable service in a special field. Security : Shopping platforms should contain a full set of online Terms and Conditions. Contact details should be clearly indicated or available through further links. Each site should also hold a Privacy Policy and most importantly, site must offer a secure system for handling transactions. After sales service : Review site service arrangements, spare parts, accessories & after-sales service.

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