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Crimson Tide announces a number of contract wins in the rail sector

Crimson Tide announces a number of contract wins in the rail sector

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Crimson Tide, the provider of mpro5, mobility as a service, announces a number of contract wins in the rail sector which have been achieved through its new partner channel.

An initial win has been gained with Arriva UK Trains subsidiary Chiltern Railways, with mpro5 providing mobile auditing solutions for train presentation. A further subscriber agreement has been signed with Northern Rail, where mpro5 will assist with staff management and station presentation.

These transactions have been won via our partner Graphite Partners, with assistance from our OEM partner Samsung Electronics. The best of breed approach for device, functionality, flexibility and deployment convinced Northern Rail to commit to a five year agreement.

With the full contract value of the agreements amounting to  nearly £250,000, the acquisition of these agreements represents a step forward in our engagement with the Rail and Transport industry with further opportunities being explored directly and with our partners' support.

Denis O'Sullivan, Train Presentation Manager for Chiltern Rail explains the value of mpro5 and the future prospects within Chiltern Railways:

"mpro5 has brought simplicity to what was an onerous auditing process, affording opportunity to quickly and accurately check standards against performance output. It has enabled us to capture data on standards in real time on our Samsung devices, supplying information and feedback to colleagues, highlighting findings, including example photographs. mpro5 collates statistical data and overall performance without the need to revisit findings. It provides strong graphical information that can simply be shared with colleagues at all levels, providing accurate information on overall performance. This enables us to focus on the required areas for improvement without having to trawl through large amounts of data. The prospects for the mpro5, Samsung and Chiltern Rail partnership in terms of potential seem endless."

Barrie Whipp, Executive Chairman commented:

"Following the development of our relationship with our partners we have entered another vertical market where mpro5 can deliver value and measurable ROI. With an expanding channel strategy we are able to get mpro5 in front of the right people, in the right context at the right time"

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