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Philanthropist and professor receive honours from Queen
Henley Standard - Jun 26, 2017
Born in Nazi Germany to a Jewish father, Dame Stephanie travelled to Britain as a child and founded her first business, which became Xansa plc, in 1962 on her dining room table. During 25 years as its chief executive she developed it into a leading ...

06/26/2017 09:33 AM

What constitutes valid notice of a warranty claim under an Sale and Purchase ...
Lexology (registration) - Jul 27, 2016
Where a notification clause requires "reasonable detail" the detail required is unlikely to be as extensive as is required to issue and serve proceedings (ROK Plc (in administration) v S Harrison Group Ltd [2011] EWHC 270 (Comm); Where details of a ...

07/27/2016 01:16 PM

Rebranded Ricardo Energy & Environment acquires Cascade
Environment Analyst - Sep 3, 2015
Ricardo plc has rebranded its UK-based environmental and sustainability consulting practice Ricardo-AEA as Ricardo Energy & Environment in order to reflect the focus markets of the business.

09/03/2015 09:37 PM

Questor share tip: Ricardo shares look cheap after record full-year results - Sep 10, 2013
The growth is not just coming through acquisitions, either, although the purchase of environmental consultancy AEA Technology in November 2012 added £25m to revenue last year. AEA carries out projects such as a recent survey of the plug-in electric ...

09/10/2013 06:01 AM

Pension hole pushes green advisers AEA into pre-pack - Nov 8, 2012
AEA, which advises the UK Government and US Department of Energy, asked for trading in its shares to be suspended on Thursday morning and then saw the bulk of its business sold off for £40m via a pre-pack administration handled by KPMG.

11/08/2012 08:37 PM

Ricardo to pay £18m for AEA remnants
Financial Times - Nov 8, 2012
Ricardo, the engineering consultancy, has agreed to pay £18m in cash for the remnants of AEA Technology, the privatised business spun out of the UK Atomic Energy Authority in 1994 and floated in 1996.

11/08/2012 08:07 PM