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Real Estate Investment Trusts
Industrial & Offices REITs
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53.749998925 GBPm

Data as of 10:00 23/09/2009. Check director details and other company announcments at Axa Property Trust Website .

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International Biotechnology (IBT)trust hides its light under a bushel, but its performance stacks up well against funds such as Axa Framlington Biotech and Biotech Growth Trust (BIOG). It is also on a decent discount to net asset value and, unusually ...

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As a result he decided to switch out of the fund and invest the proceeds in Syncona (SYNC), formerly Bacit, an investment trust which makes donations to charitable causes and also invests in early and late-stage healthcare companies with the aim of ...

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Values Based Investing (VBI) is an investment philosophy that considers criteria based on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values, alongside financial returns, when selecting an investment opportunity.

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Teijin Home Healthcare Limited supply products to the NHS and Teijin Pharma Ltd provides pharmaceuticals to the NHS.

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