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Latest Barclays PLC News

Barclays reels from its costly Qatar cash call
Financial Times - Jun 23, 2017
John Varley was in his office on the 31st floor of Barclays' headquarters in London's Canary Wharf when he called a team of his executives heading for Qatar on the bank's private jet with some alarming news. The Barclays chief executive had just been ...

06/23/2017 06:34 PM

Position taken by Barclays ruled out DPA deal with fraud agency
Financial Times - Jun 22, 2017
​Barclays is the only global bank facing criminal charges emanating from the financial crisis. It could have been very different.
Britain charges Barclays, ex-bosses over "unlawful" Qatari deal - Reuters
Barclays Qatar Case Bright Light Amid Bleak Future for SFO - Bloomberg

06/22/2017 05:42 PM

Tougher regulation spells headache for Lloyds Banking and Barclays says ...
Proactive Investors UK - Jun 22, 2017
“In our view it could have a capital impact of between 10 basis points (0.1%) for Barclays and 80 bp (0.8%) for Lloyds.” Even ahead of that possibility Goldman remains cautious on Lloyds (target price 58p).

06/22/2017 11:41 AM

Barclays and four bank chiefs face fraud charges over 2008 crisis fundraising
ChronicleLive - Jun 20, 2017
The SFO has also charged Barclays plc, Mr Varley and Mr Jenkins with the provision of unlawful financial assistance. It said the charges relate to the bank's fundraising in 2008, which saw Barclays raise emergency capital from Qatari investors as the ...

06/20/2017 04:01 PM

Qatar owns Canary Wharf, the Shard, Harrods and Heathrow. But Barclays is its ...
The Independent - Jun 20, 2017
Which is why Barclays was heavily involved in the latter at the time the crisis hit. The reason Barclays executives really, really didn't want the British Government's money is that they feared that if they took it ministers would clip the wings of an ...

06/20/2017 03:42 PM

Lord Myners: Barclays charge 'very, very significant'
BBC News - Jun 20, 2017
Barclays PLC and four former executives have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and the provision of unlawful financial assistance.

06/20/2017 09:26 AM