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Latest Hargreaves Lansdown News

Hargreaves Lansdown plays down threat from Vanguard
Financial Times - May 18, 2017
The chief executive of fund supermarket Hargreaves Lansdown dismissed the threat from the entry of US group Vanguard into the UK's online investment market, saying he “welcomed the competition”.
Hargreaves Lansdown share price: Group updates investors on recent trading - iNVEZZ
Hargreaves Lansdown chairman to step down - MarketWatch

05/18/2017 01:23 PM

Shares in Hargreaves Lansdown fall as Vanguard plans price war
Financial Times - May 16, 2017
Fund supermarket Hargreaves Lansdown is on track for its worst one-day share fall in 10 months after Vanguard announced plans to launch an online service to sell its funds directly to UK investors, sparking fears of a price war that would affect UK ...

05/16/2017 10:00 AM

Snap UK Election: Poll Fatigue or Battle Fatigues?
Hargreaves Lansdown - May 8, 2017
The answer to the above of course depends on whether you are a voter or a politician. Either way, the UK stock market had been trading sideways for a few months, until the Prime Minister's decision to call an election stirred things up.

05/08/2017 05:07 PM

"Election? Another election?!"
Hargreaves Lansdown - May 8, 2017
Brenda from Bristol became an overnight sensation when her reaction to Theresa May's snap election was aired on the BBC. Her remark is replayed every morning on Radio 4, and I suspect her sentiments echo those of many.

05/08/2017 05:07 PM

Interest rates – trapped by history
Hargreaves Lansdown - Apr 19, 2017
Generation Y could be forgiven for thinking interest rates never move, while those of an older persuasion will remember when rates could jump as much as 3% in a single day with very little warning.

04/19/2017 01:11 PM

Hargreaves Lansdown breaks company law over dividend payments
Financial Times - Feb 8, 2017
Fund supermarket Hargreaves Lansdown has broken UK company law on dividend payments to shareholders, who include founders Peter Hargreaves and Stephen Lansdown.
Hargreaves Lansdown breaches company law on dividend payments - Citywire.co.uk
Assets under management hit £70bn at Hargreaves Lansdown - Insider Media

02/08/2017 12:13 PM