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Latest ING Global Real Estate Securities News

Could Melbourne's house price boom derail its global city status?
City A.M. - Jul 13, 2017
If you can afford the property prices, that is. (Source: Getty) ... Its employment pool is diverse, driven by finance, real estate, healthcare and education. ... The attractiveness of a city is a key part of how we grade it in our own Schroders Global ...

07/13/2017 10:56 AM

Global Cities 30 index: Seattle's boom is about far more than Amazon
City A.M. - May 5, 2017
The Schroders Global Cities Index ranks the fastest growing urban economies in the world, focusing on the potential for property investment. Read more on the Global Cities Blog. On this post, we examine Seattle's success and its future prospects .

05/05/2017 10:25 AM

Netflix and Hills: how streaming services are moving in on Hollywood real estate
City A.M. - Feb 21, 2017
I am co-head of global real estate securities at Schroders and co-author of the [..] Show more ... The deal is a good example of the way real estate companies are adapting for disrupter brands like Netflix, as demand for premium space grows. Over one ...

02/21/2017 08:26 AM

Chinese mega cities increase dominance in Schroders Global Cities 30 index
City A.M. - Dec 15, 2016
We think the Chinese mega-cities will become an increasingly important place for real estate investment in the coming years.

12/15/2016 10:41 AM

Go Global to Avoid the Property Market Slowdown
Morningstar - Sep 28, 2016
Wall: So, a real estate fund but not like the ones that came into trouble after Brexit and were forced to close trading because you're investing in securities rather than bricks and mortar, aren't you? Walker: That's right. We invest in real estate ...

09/28/2016 10:00 AM

Brexit crisis: Pound hits $1.30, property funds frozen, and Bank of England ...
The Guardian - Jul 5, 2016
The fallout from the Brexit vote reverberated through the markets on Tuesday as two more City property funds barred investors from withdrawing their cash and the Bank of England warned that risks to the financial system had begun to “crystallise”.

07/05/2016 08:04 AM