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General Industrials
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3109.78067202 GBPm

Data as of 10:00 23/09/2009. Check director details and other company announcments at Smiths Group Website .

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Latest Smiths Group News

Needle Action Activity Spotted in Smiths Group PLC (SMIN.L)
Clayton News - 2 hours ago
Needle moving action has been spotted in Smiths Group PLC (SMIN.L) as shares are moving today on volatility -0.30% or $-4.78 from the open.

08/17/2017 12:26 PM

A Look at Valuation For Shares of Smiths Group PLC (SMIN.L)
Clayton News - 5 hours ago
Shares of Smiths Group PLC (SMIN.L) touched a high of 1559.00 and dipped down to a low of 1546.00 before settling at 1551.72 in the most recent session.

08/17/2017 09:26 AM

Smiths Group PLC (SMGZY) Chaikin Money Flow Above Zero Line
Wall Street Review - 6 hours ago
Smiths Group PLC (SMGZY) is seeing positive money flow as the Chalkin (CMF) indicator is holding above the zero line. The Chaikin Money Flow Indicator is an oscillator developed by Marc Chaikin.

08/17/2017 08:18 AM

Can Smiths Group PLC (SMGKF) Move Higher? Trends Indicate Positive Movement
Stock Daily Review - 6 hours ago
In the latest session, Smiths Group PLC (SMGKF) moved -0.57%, touching a recent bid of 19.7900. Current price levels place the shares above the rising trendline.

08/17/2017 08:07 AM

Smiths Group PLC (SMIN.L) Awesome Oscillator Trending Higher
Clayton News - 17 hours ago
Smiths Group PLC (SMIN.L) market momentum is building as the Awesome Oscillator (AO) is showing an uptrend in the name over the past 5 bars.

08/16/2017 09:15 PM

Smiths Group PLC (SMIN.L) Share Activity Climbing in Session
Morgan Research - Aug 16, 2017
Shares of Smiths Group PLC (SMIN.L) have seen the needle move 1.55% or 24.00 in the most recent session. The LSE listed company saw a recent bid of $1577.00 on 395013 volume.

08/16/2017 02:18 PM