Advanced Markets

Advanced Markets, bridges the gap between the institutional and retail world - to provide a forex trading environment that was previously available to only the largest of institutions. Advanced Markets claim that their trading environment is on the same level as the real interbank environment.

Advanced Markets believe that the traditional FX broking model is outdated and that it can work against the client. The traditional model leaves the door open for brokers to win more when their clients lose than when they win.

Company claims they bring FX trading out of the dark ages with a business model that is more in tune with the times a model in which company interests are aligned with the interests of clients. Advanced Markets does not do anything to obstruct you in your efforts to trade profitably. Advanced Markets assert that their business model is structured so that company profit is only aligned to client profit. It is therefore in company interest to help client trades be successful in all respects.

There is no deal desk but Instant execution. One-click trading with no reprices or requotes. No commission or fees. Advanced Markets are compensated through the difference between the buy and sell price.

Straight-through processing : Advanced Markets connect client directly to the interbank market, with pricing from multiple major banks. Company seeks the best liquidity providers, all of them A-rated banks, to provide pricing that is free from manipulation and interference. As a result, Advanced Markets claim that clients trade in a best bid/offer environment based on rates streamed into company trading platforms from these liquidity providers. No matter the trade size, all trades are processed instantaneously in all market conditions. No re-pricing, no re-quoting, no waiting.

Company says - "Give the trader every advantage - always"

Advanced trading platforms - reliable & fast.
Superior trading tools.
Quality educational resources.
24 hour technical support.
We are working with our traders continually to provide them with all the tools necessary to help maximise their trading profits.

Advanced Markets are working with our clients continually to provide them with all the tools necessary to help maximize their trading profits advanced trading platforms, superior trading tools and 24 hour technical support.

Variable spreads, tiered pricing and best bid/offer from multiple bank feeds.
Up to 1% margin.
Straight through processing to bank prices.
No deal desk.
We do not trade against our clients.
Instant execution.
The option of one-click or two-click trading.
No reprices or requotes.
No commission or fees.
2 technically advanced trading platforms to choose from 24 hour technical support.

As with all company offers and claims these details should be verified and checked at company website and by discussion with Advanced Markets directly.

Advanced Markets, LLC. is a registered Futures Commission Merchant (FCM), registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Advanced Markets, LLC

Local: (704) 544-9446
Fax: (704) 544-9374


Availability of Advanced Markets CFD accounts, derivatives trading facilities, futures, traded options should be checked at site together with current status of stock broking and share dealing services, private banking or wealth management, check at the Advanced Markets website or Advanced Markets by phone.

These details could be out of date and Advanced Markets services may change. Information about Advanced Markets should be verified at the Advanced Markets website.
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