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dbFX at a Glance

dbFX is an online Foreign Exchange Trading Service provided by Deutsche Bank AG. You can trade with Deutsche Bank, the pre-eminent provider of liquidity in the world's foreign exchange markets.

Deutsche Bank has Offices in over 73 Different Countries

Over 64,000 Employees

More than EUR 1,000 Billion of Assets

No. 1 Foreign Exchange House in the World in 2005, 2006, and 2007 (Euromoney)

Deutsche Bank AG is a major participant in the world's foreign exchange markets. The daily FX notional trading volume is larger than the combined value of the major US, European, and Middle Eastern equity markets. The majority of the activity is focused on the major currencies of the world, the US dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, and British pound. The Euro / US dollar pair trades at a greater daily notional trading volume than the New York Stock Exchange. dbFX enables clients to trade the major currency pairs, the crosses, and several of the more important minor currency pairs, for a total of 34 currency pairs.

The foreign exchange markets are de-centralized, offering different levels of access to various market participants. At the lowest level are individuals making small personal transactions, such as those visiting foreign countries. Their access is through several intermediaries, and as a result, they tend to receive less favorable pricing for transactions. Corporations tend to have better access and pricing, however, they generally access the market through a bank. Small banks deal through larger banks. The larger banks trade through each other and have access to the best pricing. Deutsche Bank AG is the number one bank in the world's foreign exchange market.* When you trade through dbFX, you receive privileged access to the world's foreign exchange market. dbFX is as close to the inter-bank market as a individual trader can be.

dbFX provides online margin foreign exchange trading services to individuals around the world. Clients have 24-hour online access to the foreign exchange markets through the dbFX Trading Station. The foreign exchange markets trade actively on a continuous basis from Sunday afternoon through Friday night (EST) providing unlimited opportunities to engage in an actively moving market. Deutsche Bank AG clients have the benefits of trading on streaming quotes. The spreads can be as narrow as 2 pips (e.g. on EUR/USD under normal market conditions). dbFX provides competitive pricing and market access with the highest level of client support, including professional services in 9 languages 24 hours a day.

Currency Trading with dbFX

dbFX is Deutsche Bank's online foreign exchange trading platform for individuals and small institutions. As the No. 1 FX Bank in the world, Deutsche Bank brings the benefits of the forex market to you.

  • Spreads from as Low as 2 Pips
  • Trade directly with the FX Market's No. 1 Price Provider
  • Privileged Access to Deutsche Bank's Research and Charts
  • World-Class Trading Execution in All Market Conditions
  • Live Streaming Quotes 24 Hours a Day
  • 34 Currency Pairs
  • Margin Trading with up to 100:1 Leverage
  • Open an Account with as little as $5,000 or £2,500

Diversify Your Portfolio Beyond Stocks and Bonds

  • Trade Macro Economic Events and Trends
  • Numerous Trading Opportunities for the Technical Trader
  • Potential Additional Yield from High Interest Currencies

The dbFX Trading Station at a Glance

Dealing Rates Deutsche Bank feeds real-time streaming prices into the dbFX Trading Station. Prices update dynamically tick by tick with the slightest market move. Dealing rates are not an indication of where the market is trading, but of actual prices at which the currency pair can be bought or sold on the Trading Station. dbFX offers spreads from as low as 2 pips under normal market conditions.

Streaming Pricing in All Currency Pairs. Competitive Bid/Ask Spreads from 2 pips.

Market Orders Placing a market order is quick and efficient. Click on the price in the dealing rates window to buy/sell the currency pair. This will bring up a market order box where the client can select the currency pair and amount. Once the "OK" button is clicked, the order will typically be filled at the exact price specified.

Deutsche Bank endeavors to confirm each trade to you by posting the trade in the open positions window or closed positions window, promptly after trade execution. In the "Open Positions Window", all required information is displayed regarding your open trade including the open price and real-time profit/loss, in both pips and US dollar terms.

Market Order A market order is an order to buy or sell a currency pair immediately at the current market price displayed on the dbFX Trading Station.

  • Rapid Order Execution
  • Real-time Trade Confirmation & On Demand Reporting
  • Real-time P/L Tracking

Note: Order execution and trade confirmations are prompt under normal market conditions. All quotes and trades are subject to the terms and conditions of the Deutsche Bank Client Agreement, accessible through this website.

Stop-Loss Orders and Trailing Stops
Stop-loss and limit orders can be placed on open positions simply by clicking on the stop/limit column on the open ticket. Orders can be modified or cancelled at any time. dbFX will use the current prices as displayed on the dbFX trading platform to execute stop loss orders. If the market moves through the stop loss price the order will be executed at the next available price as displayed on the trading platform.

Clients also have the option of setting a trailing stop-loss order that will automatically adjust as the market price moves in the direction of the open position. The trailing stop feature allows clients to lock in profits without having to monitor the market.

Stop-Loss Order
A stop-loss order allows a client to limit potential losses from an unfavorable market move. An order to close the position is triggered by a rate specified by the client. With the dbFX Trading Station, a stop-loss order is attached to a specific open position or entry order. If the position is closed or entry order cancelled, the attached limit order will be cancelled. Otherwise, the limit order is good till cancelled.

Trailing Stop-Loss
A trailing Stop-loss order is similar to a stop-loss, except contains an additional feature. The stop-loss level automatically adjusts in set-increments to increase gains or decrease losses, as the underlying position makes favorable moves.

Ability to Set Stops and Trailing Stops

Margin Watcher
All account information is updated on a tick-by-tick basis, giving clients a complete view of their account activity. Clients have the ability to select the degree of leverage for their account. Margin requirements are fixed for both intraday trading and for positions held overnight.

Based on each client's margin requirement, the dbFX Trading Station will calculate in real time both the funds needed to maintain current positions (Used Margin) and the funds available for taking new positions (Usable Margin). If the equity in the account drops below the margin required to maintain open positions, all open positions will be closed by the dealing desk at the market price.

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