eToro was founded in 2006 in order to provide services to the growing retail sector of the Forex community. eToro claim that they have succeeded in redefining financial trading as a more user-friendly, fun and engaging way to trade world currencies.

eToro invented and designed a visual trading platform that is easy to understand, easy to use and establishes a new platform in which traders as well non-traders can take advantage of the large foreign exchange market. In so doing challenged the common belief that the foreign exchange market needs to belong only an exclusive few. The overall entertaining tools that eToro uses in order to provide users with the most inclusive trading experience allow everyone to experiment, learn, and excel in trading strategies.

At eToro, dedicated programmers, Internet experts, designers and many other specialists are working to guarantee that customers have latest innovations. eToro has developed a worldwide reputation as the most intuitive trading platform available. People from nearly every country visit and trade on eToro, and eToro is partnering with several Forex companies worldwide that wish to offer the eToro trading experience to their customers.

Check website for the following five unique visual sections that make up etoro's claimed to be simplified yet powerful online trading system.

Forex Marathon : First of all select the currency you would like to buy: US Dollar, EUR, etc, (buying a currency means that you think its value will rise). Then you will be given a list of currencies you can compete against, from which you will have to select a currency. Select the amount and place the trade. You will be informed on how many currency pair units you are buying for the amount you placed and at what exchange rate. Forex Trend : Predict whether you expect the US Dollar to rise or fall against the other currencies. Select ‘RISE’ if you think the US Dollar will increase in value against other currencies or select ‘FALL’ if you believe the US Dollar will decrease in value against other currencies. Select amount and place the trade. Globe Trader : You can select your currency pairs from the bottom of the screen. Select amount with which you want to trade and you will be notified on the amount of currency pairs and the rate for this trade. Click "Start Trade".

Forex Match : Your currency will compete in a rope pulling contest against another currency. Select currencies and the amount, and if you wish you can set the limit of the maximum amounts that you are willing to gain or lose. Forex Match enables traders to trade based on the principles of Technical analysis.

Trade Box: For advanced Traders : The Trade Box arena disposes with the creative visualizations of the other arena's to present the most professional and flexible trading environment for more experienced traders. While it may be a little overwhelming for a novice trader, it is the arena of choice for the pros.

You may open multiple trades, view price movement charts, keep track of all the currencies’ live rates, trade more currency pairs and manage stop loss and take profit orders after the positions are opened.

eToro are at :

199 Archbishop Makarios III Avenue
P.O. Box 50613
CY-3608 Limassol

Phone: + 357 25 025046

Availability of etoro CFD accounts, derivatives trading facilities, futures, traded options should be checked at site together with current status of stock broking and share dealing services, private banking or wealth management, check at the etoro website or etoro by phone.

These details could be out of date and etoro services may change. Information about etoro should be verified at the etoro website.
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Trading derivatives such as CFD's, Forex, Futures, Options or Spreadbetting carries a high level of risk not be suitable for all investors. Losses can exceed initial outlay and traders should test systems, training and knowledge in a demo account with dummy cash.

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