FIBO-FOREX.LT is introducing broker of Fibo group, Ltd - a market maker in online forex trading. The financial holding company FIBO GROUP - Financial Intermarket Brokerage On-line Group was founded in 1999.


FIBO-FOREX.LT provide a pltaform to trade currency transactions online on International foreign exchange (Forex) Market plus energy vectors, grains, coffee, trading of metals, other products of goods market, plus stock and indexes - S&P500, Dow-Jones, Nasdaq and FTSE plus other european and far eastern index'es.

The experience of FIBO-FOREX.LT team as well as application of innovative techniques and individual treatment of every particular client helps FIBO-FOREX.LT instill in clients a high level of trust and confidence and FIBO-FOREX.LT believe gives company a place among international financial leaders.

Among main Fibo Group Partners are companies and banks: the first-rate brokerage house in the world Man Financial, UBS AG, Bawag Bank, IG Markets, Alfa Bank. Fibo Group has several thousand Customers that identify FIBO-FOREX.LT as reliable partner and guarantor of stable investment business development.


Branch network of Fibo Group subsidiaries is well present in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, as well as present in the ex-Soviet Union countries. The most large-scale companies are Fibo Group Switzerland AG and Fibo Group Ltd.

Fibo Group Switzerland AG was founded in Switzerland in 2004 and is located in Zurich; it approaches ideally for investors, who are ready to deposit large amount in foreign exchange market (FOREX), guarantees the high level of own funds safety. As is known, Switzerland has established reputation of first-rate financial center of continental Europe. The legislation of this country together with regulating authority grade any investor's risks.

Fibo Group are members of Swiss Self Regulation Polyreg and PolyReg General Self-Regulatory Organisation requires its members to provide high quality financial services which are legally and ethically irreproachable. Through training, directives, audits and internal sanctions, it ensures that its members comply with the regulations at all times.

Fibo Group Ltd. is registered on BVI, British Virgin Islands; the legal regulation is common English law, that guarantees protection of law. The registration of the Company in offshore jurisdiction allows it to be more flexible in satisfaction of Customer demands: the Company works with majority of payment systems, has simplified scheme of contract's celebration, high level of information confidentiality and shall not be the Fiscal Agent. The Fibo Group Customers can carry out the wide spectrum of trading operations on foreign exchange, goods and stock markets.

The holding company Fibo Group extends its geography and set of assignable services continually and does its best to make their Customers feel confidently on international financial markets and provide them with high-quality assistance of specialists, which satisfies the requirements of world standards.

Fibo Group Switzerland AG.
Po Box 2071
Muehlebachstr 38
CH-8032 Zurich

Tel.: +41 43 343 97 27
Fax.: +41 43 268 40 33


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These details could be out of date and Fibo-Forex services may change. Information about Fibo-Forex should be verified at the Fibo-Forex website.
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