Foreign Exchange Clearing House - FXCH offers a commission-free foreign exchange trading service for novice and professional traders that facilitates smooth, fast and efficient executions by combining a superior trading platform with the tightest available spreads.

FXCH Internet Real-time Trading System is an informational, transactional dealing and client account management system that currently allows individual and institutional clients to make online transactions on various tradable instruments (currency, stocks, indices, commodities, etc.) in real-time efficiently and securely.

FXCH trading platform is designed for 24 hour fast and accurate trade execution via Internet or by phone. The system transmits live quotes for hundreds of tradable instruments, technical analysis tools, and provides extremely fast response time. FXCH is a user friendly tool, reliable trading system with no interruptions (three back up servers) and Java push technology. The platform consists of the 4 vital parts: Client, Dealer, Server and Back-office components.

Client side is a fully customizable Client User End. It enables customers currently to deal in Foreign Exchange Market and CFDs (Contracts for difference). It is a complete trading program with the capability of tracking all types of clients' dealing activities ordering (different types of orders including market, stop, limit, entry stop, entry limit, OCO-one cancels other), clearing, open trading activities, reporting, settlement margin and credit Controls, account management, trading alerts, squawk boxes, trading history activities, and statutory, done in the real time mode. FXCH also allows Money managers to manage hundreds of accounts by 2 different ways: Managed Accounts and Master Account functionality.

Dealer side is a fully customizable Dealer User End. It allows a Dealing Desk (multiple dealer user ends can be used at a time) to not only transmit quotes and run orders in Automatic, Semi-automatic, and Manual modes, but also to set a different auto-clearing levels to re-route trades to the major financial institutions through the APIs. Pre-built risk management system minimizes risk tremendously. This application allows an access to the account settings at the individual level where dealers can set hedge mode, spread, margins, commissions, interest, etc.

Back office side is a management system. It enables the management team to establish and retrieve all the information related to instances, clients, accounts, introducing brokers, track all open trades in real time as well as historical transactions and detailed report of each separate transaction. It also includes various risk management reports such as session- by- session market-to-market historical, blotter, one-leg transactions, etc.

Platform is in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Farsi and Russian
Gold and Silver Trading
Minimal trading lot is 10 000 basic currency units (mini)
Minimal step is 10 000 basic currency units (mini)
Minimal deposit is $2000
Leverage from 500:1.
Minimal margin is 20 USD (mini)
No service charge.
24-hour technical support.
The Company is registered as Foreign Exchange Clearing House in January 2004. The Company's registration number is 9126, and authorized to deal in Spot Foreign Exchange market and derivatives (CFDs) of commodities. Foreign Exchange Clearing House is authorized to solicit clients and accept orders to buy or sell approved financial instruments as well as accept money or other assets from customers to support such orders.

According to regulations FXCH maintains a Surety bond for clients’ protection against possible customer complains and claims toward FXCH.

Foreign Exchange Clearing House Ltd, FXCH , forex-swiss.com established in January 2004

Foreign Exchange Clearing House Ltd
145 - 157 St John St,
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 207 019 6268
Fax: +41 44 355 3741

Availability of FXCH CFD accounts, derivatives trading facilities, futures, traded options should be checked at site together with current status of stock broking and share dealing services, private banking or wealth management, check at the FXCH website or FXCH by phone.

These details could be out of date and FXCH services may change. Information about FXCH should be verified at the FXCH website.
Visit the FXCH website at Foreign Exchange Clearing House.

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