Since formation, FOREXYARD has utilized the experience of professional forex traders, as well as internet and financial sector specialists in order to successfully establish itself as one of the premier online brokerages operating in today's market. FOREXYARD offer a secure, dynamic trading platform which provides superior order execution, advanced reporting and analytical tools, yet remains intuitive and user-friendly.

FOREXYARD, based in Nicosia, Cyprus, caters to a wide range of traders from around the world, placing equal importance on first time traders as FOREXYARD do on experienced professionals. FOREXYARD firmly believe in the value of building a relationship with each and every client, in order to better understand their needs. FOREXYARD has made every effort to ensure that all account activities not directly related to trading, such as deposits and withdrawals, are carried out with the greatest of ease and transparency, allowing you to get on with the task in hand: trading successfully!

FOREXYARD recognizes the inherent value of up-to-date and relevant information; therefore FOREXYARD employ experienced analysts to provide you with accurate research and analysis, updated on a daily basis. Our analysis reports, which you will receive via e-mail every morning on market days, are featured on a number of influential websites and forums, including the International Business Times, ForexStreet, ForexHint and ForexTv.

When trading online with FOREXYARD, you will receive the following:

Instant Deposit with Credit Card
Start Trading in Minutes
Fixed Spreads in All Markets, All the Time
Continuous Quoting, with No Price Freezes
Executable Quotes - Click on Any Bid or Offer
No Slippage on Market, Limit, and Stop Orders*
Negative Balance Protection - No Debits
Unparalleled 24-hour Trader Support
Establish A Trading Account with as Little as $100
No Software Download Needed
Instant Deposit with Credit Card

FOREXYARD allows you to fund your account with your credit card, so you can start trading immediately. FOREXYARD care about protecting your credit card security as well as protecting your privacy to the highest standards. To achieve this, FOREXYARD use the latest technologies and comply with all relevant regulations.

Start Trading in Minutes
With FOREXYARD you can open an account and start trading in minutes. By choosing our JAVA based trading platform you will not have to download any software and you can choose to fund your account via your credit card (depositing the margin required for the trading). Please note that due to security measures, the scope of deals on the first week of new users trading with FOREXYARD is limited. Such restriction will be removed making phone contact with our team.

Guaranteed Fixed Spreads
FOREXYARD offer clients a fixed dealing spread of 3 pips on EUR/USD and 3-5 pips on other major currency pairs. FOREXYARD will not widen spreads under any market conditions -- including during major economic news releases. Other brokers claim to offer 3 pip spreads yet routinely widen the spreads up to 10 pips or more during fast moving markets or thinly traded markets, such as the Asian trading session.

Continuous Quoting Guaranteed
FOREXYARD continuously post bids and offers at all times, regardless of market conditions, giving you a fair chance to trade during important news events. Many other brokers don't allow you to trade on big market making news -- they freeze their prices or widen their spreads when the market is volatile. FOREXYARD, claim to never freeze prices.

Guaranteed Executable Prices
Tight spreads are meaningless if you can't get filled at your price. This is a very subtle but critical point. The FX bid/ask prices you will see at FOREXYARD aren't simply vague indications of where the market is trading that mysteriously vanish when you place an order. Rather, these are executable quotes -- just click the current bid or offer, and the trade is immediately yours at that price. Other brokers honor their prices only when the trader is wrong, and almost never when prices are moving in your favor.

No Slippage Guaranteed*
When you trade currencies through FOREXYARD, your market orders are typically filled instantly, with no partial fills, and no discrepancy between the quoted price and the execution price. Stop orders are ordinarily executed without slippage, too. Many traders accept slippage as one of the realities of forex trading. It doesn't have to be this way! Just a few pips now and then will add up quickly and eat into your trading profits.

No Debits Guaranteed
You'll never have to face a debit balance when you trade FX with us. If your equity falls below your margin requirement, our FX Trading Station will automatically close out your positions -- think of this as a final stop order, always working for your protection! Our margin policy eliminates concerns about debit balances by guaranteeing that your risk is limited to the funds you have deposited in your account.

Unparalleled 24-hour Trader Support
The services offered by FOREXYARD include a dedicated, 24-hour Trader Support Center, where you can receive technical help and market advice throughout the trading week (Mon-Fri). You will always be able to reach an experienced support person with a background in trading. Most brokers claim to provide 24-hour support, but actually only run a skeleton crew that is unable to resolve major problems outside regular business hours. This is not the case at FOREXYARD: give us a call today and see for yourself.

Superior Educational Materials
FOREXYARD firmly believe in the benefits of education as a means to improving trading ability, and so through this site FOREXYARD offer clients a wide variety of trading courses.

* All stop-loss, limit and entry orders are guaranteed against slippage except in extraordinarily volatile market conditions. All quotes and trades are subject to the terms and conditions of the Client Agreement accessible through this website.

Availability of FOREXYARD CFD accounts, derivatives trading facilities, futures, traded options should be checked at site together with current status of stock broking and share dealing services, private banking or wealth management, check at the FOREXYARD website or FOREXYARD by phone.

These details could be out of date and FOREXYARD services may change. Information about FOREXYARD should be verified at the FOREXYARD website.

Trading derivatives such as CFD's, Forex, Futures, Options or Spreadbetting carries a high level of risk not be suitable for all investors. Losses can exceed initial outlay and traders should test systems, training and knowledge in a demo account with dummy cash.

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