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The information revolution has dramatically changed the way in which the financial industry conducts business. Transactions have become faster and inexpensive to conduct, more and more financial products have become available to the general public. Retail Forex is one of the investment products brought to life in the Internet age.

No matter how sophisticated technology could be, trust remains the foundation of the financial industry. Smaller commissions do not matter if the broker gives little respect to the customer, smaller spreads are irrelevant if execution is with "slippage." When I began working in the futures industry over 25 years ago, much of the business was conducted on a handshake basis. Today, when technology enables us to do business with people who Forex Club have never met in person, trust and good name becomes the most valued commodity.

There are many Forex brokers across the globe, some more trustworthy than others. Only a handful are regulated by respective governing organizations established to protect investors from bad broker practices (such as National Futures Association). Not all are committed to life-long relations with their customers, and even fewer make a genuine effort to educate their customers.

Forex Club understand what trading and for that matter Forex trading, is about. Success in trading is to have the knowledge and understanding of available resources and instruments, as well as proper risk management. Forex Club mobilize the companies senior traders and analysts with decades of experience to provide you with superb training programs.

Forex Club sincerely wish that the information on the website will be of great educational value and enable visitors and users to have a better understanding of the markets and give you the insight to become a more successful trader.

Forex is the foreign exchange market (OTC Forex) where you can trade one currency for another. For example, dollars for Euros, Euros for yen and so forth.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why trade Forex?
Global economic and political events have a large impact on currency rates. Take a look at the Forex market today and see how prices fluctuate. If you buy low and sell high, you make profits. If the market moves against you, then you incur losses. Unlike with the stock market, when one currency is going down, there is always a currency that is going up, which makes Forex attractive for banks and hedge funds, businesses and retail investors.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I know what currencies to buy or sell?
There are two general approaches to understanding the markets, including the Forex market. The first - technical analysis - focuses on price patterns and uses charting tools to discover them. The second - fundamental analysis - regards price behavior as a product of economic and political events.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does leverage work?
On Forex, every dollar you have in your account allows the purchasing of up to 100 units of another currency. This enhances your profit potential, but also increases risks. This is called leverage.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I get started on Forex?
One of the best way to start on Forex is with a free practice account. Forex Club also recommend watching online training videos.

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Trading derivatives such as CFD's, Forex, Futures, Options or Spreadbetting carries a high level of risk not be suitable for all investors. Losses can exceed initial outlay and traders should test systems, training and knowledge in a demo account with dummy cash.

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