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FXdirekt Bank AG is the leading forex online bank in the German speaking European countries and is the only financial institute of its kind registered with the Federal Institute for Financial Services Supervision (BaFin).

FXdirekt Bank AG offer comprehensive services in FX, CFD and FFD trading and claim a leading position in the area of online trading. FXdirekt Bank AG clients value innovative trading strategies for the forex market. After the successful launch of the first German-language online trading platform - FXdirekt - in 2001 by ibas AG, the FXdirekt Bank has continued to broaden its competencies in the forex market. In 2004, FXdirekt Bank AG further intensified focus as a specialist in foreign currency dealings.

FXdirekt offers a state-of-the-art trading platform, FEXtrader Pro where "FEX" stands for Fast EXecution. Forex, CFDs and FFDs can be traded. The FXdirekt Bank can therefore meet all client trading needs with its innovative trading platform.


Forex : Trade on the biggest and most liquid market in the world with the FXdirekt Bank. Aside from the majors such as EUR/USD, we also offer numerous exotics. And most importantly: You can trade 24 hours a day, there’s no final whistle.

CFDs : With CFDS you can go long, profiting from rising prices and also go short and benefit from falling quotes. The FXdirekt Bank offers a wide range of underlyings for stocks, all without stock exchange charges and external fees.

FFDs (Futures for Difference) : are similar to CFDs but are contracts for difference for standardised futures contracts, for example for indices. FFDs can be traded in the same way as CFDS.


FXdirekt Bank AG aim to provide all clients - whether beginners or professional traders - with exactly the information, products and strategies which they require to achieve financial objectives. Whether executing simple spot transactions or complex forex positions, FXdirekt Bank are confident that they can handle the dealings.

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