Hotspot FXi

Hotspot FXi brings the powerful benefits of an independent, transparent ECN marketplace structure to institutional foreign exchange trading. These benefits include full depth-of-book view, centralized price discovery, direct and anonymous market access, instantaneous trading on live, streaming prices and robust real-time pricing, benchmark, and reference data. For hedge funds, commodity trading advisors (CTAs), corporate treasuries, and institutional asset managers, Hotspot FXi's FX ECN model provides full market transparency and greater control of the trading process, enabling better trade execution and lower execution costs.

These capabilities and other Hotspot FXi features were revolutionary when first introduced and they continue to set the Hotspot FXi marketplace apart from other platforms. Hotspot FXi's electronic foreign exchange marketplaces offer benefits to foreign exchange traders, which has resulted in its growth into the top rank of FX multibank platforms.

Hotspot FXi innovated the ECN model for institutional foreign exchange trading. In doing so, we defined a comprehensive, client-centered structure with the following attributes:

Comprehensive Anonymity
Clients deal in the name of their prime broker/clearing bank or banks. The Hotspot FXi platform does not embed client identifiers in trade messages to counterparties. Clients are not identified post-trade and customer lists are never revealed to bank market makers or others. Hotspot FXi's comprehensive anonymity ameliorates market impact concerns and ensures neutral pricing at all times.

Instantaneous Trading/Price Improvement
Hotspot FXi offers clients continuous, live, executable pricing across its traded currency pairs. (No RFQ.) Clients can deal instantaneously on system-enforced best pricing or enter their own bids/offers to gain price improvement.

Full Transparency
Clients see available prices as well as associated quantities in real-time. Prices are live and executable in strict price/time priority. Trades are executed at the best price rather than being dictated by the remaining balance on credit lines or other factors.

  • Anonymous Cash FX Trading
  • Centralized Cash FX Marketplace
  • Executable Streaming Prices
  • FX Prime Broker Credit Model
  • PiPsm Precision Improved Pricing
  • TradeView FXsm

Hotspot FXi's prime broker, clearing bank, and market maker bank network includes top foreign exchange banks and financial institutions.

Hotspot FXi LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hotspot FX, Inc. Hotspot FX, Inc. is a subsidiary of Knight Capital Group, Inc. Hotspot FX, Inc.'s main office is in Jersey City, New Jersey. It maintains offices in Boston, Chicago, London, and Singapore as well.

Main Office
545 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, New Jersey 07310
United States
+1 212 209 1420

City Place House
55 Basinghall Street
London EC2V 5DU
United Kingdom
+4420 7 997 7800

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These details could be out of date and Hotspot FXi services may change. Information about Hotspot FXi should be verified at the Hotspot FXi website.
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