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Orion Global Financial Services with websites at oriongfs.com and orionbrokers.com are a major provider of execution and clearing services in the international markets. Orion provide electronic access to international capital markets through a multi asset-class proprietary software the professional “OrionTrader”.

Orion amplify customer loyalty by serving clients well. Orion's team is focused on your executions and customer service and back-office desks are able to help solve a broad range of customer inquiries.

Orion integrate traditional processes with new technological methods while constantly searching for new models and business processes to achieve maximum readiness to changing market demands, thus enhancing the trading experience of the clients.

Online investing in various financial instruments can enhance the diversification of your financial portfolio.

Our mission statement : To be a recognized leader and pioneer in the Middle East by providing a unique selection of investment products through the use of advance technology and superior service in delivering fast, convenient, and transparent execution.

Through OrionTrader dealing platform, Orion offer the ability to easily trade the following financial instruments:

Forex : Foreign Exchange (FOREX, FX) - the cornerstone of all international capital transactions. Market participants enter into Foreign Exchange transactions either by way of hedging to protect their exposures in various currencies or for speculative purposes.

Brokers operate on screen based systems where two-way prices are continuously published. These systems guarantee greater transparency and within an instant, market participants can have access to this price information anywhere in the world and trade on it.

Most currency pairs are traded against the U.S. Dollar. The major currencies, the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD and AUD/USD dominate the majority of the trading and benefit from the deepest liquidity.

Metals : The prices of precious metals, specifically Gold and Silver, tended to be strictly derived from production-consumption balances, available stocks in the market, and the demand for these precious metals. Recently however it also became clear that exchange rate shifts needed urgently to be included in the equation.

Proper focus on these fundamental factors and following up the trend of the U.S. Dollar can therefore increasingly provide projections on the long-term trends of gold and silver.

Trading spot gold and silver on our platform is ideal for long and short term speculative investors and hedgers. Gold and silver are traded in the same way as spot foreign exchange and with similar margin requirements of $1,000 per lot.

Futures : Futures are essentially forward contracts that are streamlined for trading by an exchange and standardized in terms of quantity, quality and delivery month. In other words, all the details of the contract are specified except for the price, which is agreed upon between the buyer and seller based on current market conditions.

CFDs : Contracts for Difference are effectively loaned equity products that reflect the price movements of the underlying stock. Trading is similar to normal dealing on shares with all its benefits except for delivery or physical ownership of the shares, which is not permitted.

The advantage of CFD trading over physical share trading is the ability of a client to diversify a stock portfolio without a big capital outlay, added leverage, lower cost of trading, and the elimination of exchange fees. CFD trading also allows the investor to take advantage of a declining market by selling short, which on many occasions is difficult in actual stock trading.

There is a full description of Orion's services plus OrionTrader platform options including and so visiting the Capital Forex Pro website is recommended. Also details of Capital Forex Pro should be checked directly with Orion including details relating to affiliations and regulation.

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Trading derivatives such as CFD's, Forex, Futures, Options or Spreadbetting carries a high level of risk not be suitable for all investors. Losses can exceed initial outlay and traders should test systems, training and knowledge in a demo account with dummy cash.

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