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PFGBest Forex clients have the benefits of a number of trading system solutions combined with the speed of its proprietary electronic trading platforms, integrated technology and up-to-the-minute breaking world and financial news. All of this is augmented by two, 24-hour dealing desks in Chicago and New York City, staffed by professional dealers ready to assist traders at any time, along with an extremely knowledgeable and helpful back office team.

PFGBest assure professional account services for easy account openings, whether for an individual, a money manager, a partnership, or corporate applications. Expertise in handling statements, policies and government forms online. Easy access to supplementary information for any trading needs, such as government-required forms, information on different types of orders, or how roll-over procedures work Trading simulation and contests to speed the learning curve in FX, futures and stock index trading using the BEST Direct online trading platform. Expert customer care in online, full-service brokerage, managed accounts and institutional trading are claimed as part of the PFGBest value proposition.

PFG’s managed account services are designed for private individuals, financial institutions, and global corporations requiring the highest level of activity transparency with the controlled level of risk. Utilizing the latest currency trading technologies, and partnerships with the most reliable and leading assets management companies, PFG is able to offer the highest quality of professional services while at the same time, remaining flexible and cost effective for its universe of forex clients.

With a PFG managed account comes advisory services and access to an array of independent money managers representative of multiple and integrated solutions.

The managed account investment program at PFG combines several services in a customized solution to investing. Investment planning, policy development, manager search and selection, portfolio management, performance measurement and trade execution – all of these valuable services are wrapped together into a comprehensive investment program. Rather than paying separately for these services, investors with a PFG managed account pay a single fee.

Benefits of PFG Managed FX

Having practically a zero correlation with stocks, one of the most attractive features of managed forex is its ability to add profound diversification to an overall investment portfolio. With managed accounts becoming increasingly popular as investors recognize their appeal, PFG has created an easy path to enter the managed fx universe. PFG claim that clients find following benefits.

Simplified process to access the FX arena. Developed alpha driven investment opportunities in the FX asset class. Enabled customer’s to diversify into new markets Set the standard for FX managed accounts through appropriate manager due diligence, client reporting, and dynamic quantitative analysis. Made available the ability to create portfolios using multiple levels of risk. Made available the ability for clients to sub-diversify with their FX investment. Made available the ability for clients to invest in products that are non-correlated to traditional investments. Managed accounts available for as little as $5,000.00 of risk capital. The ability to open Qualified money, IRA/Pension, accounts using existing trust company relationships. PFGBest, are part of Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. ("PFG, Inc.") group of companies.

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