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  • Create unlimited custom trading strategies
  • Back-test and optimize your strategies before risking your money in the market
  • Automate your trading according to your own custom buy and sell rules.

And TradeStation's deep-discount commissions are designed to help you save on every trade.

In today's volatile markets, having a focused, disciplined trading strategy—and the ability to automate that strategy—can make all the difference. TradeStation delivers power, speed and discipline, all in a single, seamlessly integrated trading platform.

More and more active traders are discovering the TradeStation advantage. Isn't it time you did too?

One of TradeStation's most significant advantages is that it enables you to design, historically test and optimize your own custom equities, options, futures and forex trading strategies before you risk a penny of trading capital. This is possible thanks to a proprietary technology called EasyLanguage®. It lets you describe your ideas using simple, English-like statements and trading terms, very similar to how you would describe them to another trader. It's used by traders worldwide and often published in major trade publications and industry articles (for example: Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine, Active Trader Magazine, Futures Magazine, etc.). Let's take a look at how it's done:

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Let's say you've been watching a 5-minute chart of a certain security and noticed that whenever it makes a new low and then closes above the previous bar's close, momentum shifts and the security tends to head higher. Is this chart pattern just a fluke, or something that's happened consistently?

With other trading platforms, you'd have to stay glued to the chart waiting for that pattern to occur again, make the trade, and take your chances. But, with TradeStation, there's an easier way to test your idea. You simply click on "New Strategy" from the short-cut menu and type the following:

Although the strategy is based on a very simple concept, TradeStation gives you the power to describe sophisticated ideas and strategies having dozens or even hundreds of parameters and conditions. For example, you can test strategies that contain multiple entry and exit signals, various order types (market, limit, stop orders), pyramiding and money management rules, advanced parameter optimization. You can create strategies on pre-market hours only, post-market hours only, pre-and post-market hours combined—or any other custom sessions you define. You can even have your strategy place limit orders based on real-time bid and/or ask price.

And now, new for TradeStation 8.3, in addition to building technical strategies, you can build and back-test strategies based on fundamentals. Enhance your strategy back-testing power by incorporating fundamental data into your strategies. With all-new indicators, PaintBar studies, strategy components and over 900 historical fundamental reference data fields added, you have the tools you need to create and test strategies for whatever your trading needs require.

When you’re designing a forex strategy, TradeStation even allows you to specify the built-in stops and strategy properties in the local currency and choose to see strategy results and performance results in the local currency of the symbol or in the currency of your account. Plus, TradeStation now allows you to account for rollover rates in historical and real-time strategy testing.

In fact, to make writing advanced strategies easier, TradeStation's EasyLanguage Dictionary includes several hundred pre-written built-in functions covering many of the most popular trading concepts and technical indicators. These include all types of moving averages, stochastics, chart patterns and relative strength formulas, just to name a few. All you have to do is find what you're looking for using the intuitive search function, and then paste it into your strategy with one click.

To give you even more flexibility in strategy creation, you can create your strategies to include the ability to generate Buy, Sell, Short and Cover orders on a tick basis instead of only at the close of a bar. You can generate a Buy or Sell order the moment a condition occurs and reference the high and low of the current bar within your strategy.

Automation Imagine having your computer monitor the markets for you based on your own custom strategies and —when an opportunity arises—having it execute your trades faster and more efficiently than humanly possible. Then once your order is filled, imagine it watching out for your exit, and automatically placing all of your orders.

Using TradeStation’s powerful and flexible EasyLanguage® technology, you can describe your trading rules—when to get into the market and when to get out—using simple, English-like statements and trading terms, very similar to how you would describe them to another trader. You can automate virtually any trading strategy imaginable, including multiple conditional entries and exits, profit targets, protective stops, trailing stops, and more. (See strategy testing section for more details on writing your own strategies).

Forex traders—it’s your turn. TradeStation 8.3 now allows you to fully automate the execution of your forex strategies too. It even allows you to specify the built-in stops and strategy properties in the local currency and choose to see strategy results and performance results in the local currency of the symbol or in the currency of your account.

Once TradeStation knows the conditions you're looking for, it actually starts monitoring the markets for you—tick-by-tick—in real-time. The instant it spots a buy or sell opportunity based on your trading strategy for a stocks, options, futures or forex, you hear a voice alert:

"Strategy Order Generated"
Since TradeStation already knows the details of your order, there’s no need to manually type it in. Using the speed of direct-access execution, TradeStation will automatically send your stock, options, futures or forex orders to the major exchange or ECN you've chosen in your strategy. The entire process is virtually instantaneous.* That means that you can literally sit back and watch it execute your trading strategies for you. Of course, you also have the option to have TradeStation prompt you for a confirmation before sending your order.

Once your order is sent, TradeStation monitors the market until your order is actually filled, and lets you know with another voice alert:

"Order Filled"
And that’s only the beginning...

Once you have an open position, TradeStation tracks all your strategies’ open positions in real-time and continues to monitor the markets based on your trading rules, diligently standing guard so that you don't miss your exit point—no matter how simple or complex your exit criteria. TradeStation is even intelligent enough to recognize that certain things can affect how your strategies are executed in real-world trading. Things like partial fills, for instance. Here are just a few examples:

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