Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen Asset Management PLC is an international investment management group, managing assets for both institutional and retail clients from offices around the world.

Mission : to deliver superior fund performance across diverse asset classes with sustainable competitive edge within the following classes.


The Aberdeen currency and fixed income process dates back to the late 1980s. The process is based on the following core values: a focus on proprietary research, identifying investment opportunities with attractive risk-reward characteristics, combining multiple non-correlated investment decisions with risk monitoring, and management & control at all stages of the investment process. Our global client base invests in a range of local, global and specialist currency and fixed income and multi-alpha strategies.


The Aberdeen equity process dates from the early 1990s. The process is continuously evolving but its central tenets are an emphasis on original research, the identification of businesses that we can understand and the elimination of downside risks through price disciplines. While it originated in Asia, our approach works equally in developed markets, since fundamentals drive returns over the long term.


Aberdeen's approach to property investments is to generate superior returns to our investors through better understanding of the dynamics of property markets and realise the potential of individual property assets. A structured investment management process, underpinned by best-in-class research of the European property markets, has delivered consistent outperformance tailor made for our clients through a comprehensive range of investment vehicles and mandates.

Leading Aberdeen Funds

  • Aberdeen American Growth
  • Aberdeen Asia Pacific & Japan OEIC
  • Aberdeen Capital Growth OEIC
  • Aberdeen Charity Select UK
  • Aberdeen Emerging Markets OEIC
  • Aberdeen Ethical Engagement UK OEIC
  • Aberdeen Ethical World OEIC
  • Aberdeen European Growth OEIC
  • Aberdeen Japan Growth OEIC
  • Aberdeen Mackintosh High Income OEIC
  • Aberdeen Managed Distribution OEIC
  • Aberdeen Multi Asset OEIC
  • Aberdeen Property Share OEIC
  • Aberdeen UK Emerging Cos OEIC
  • Aberdeen UK Equity Income OEIC
  • Aberdeen UK Growth OEIC
  • Aberdeen UK Mid Cap OEIC
  • Aberdeen UK Opportunities OEIC
  • Aberdeen World Equity

Active Portfolio Management

Aberdeen believe active management is essential in generating excess returns. We focus on hands-on active management in portfolio modelling, asset and property management to increase risk-adjusted returns.

Local presence: With some 500 employees at offices across Europe, Aberdeen has an unrivalled reach of active local management for successful cross border property investments.

Structured investment process: The principle is to combine an advanced top down approach with a pragmatic but structured bottom up approach. The former focuses on active managment, the latter on managing portfolio risk (beta).

and Risk Management

Risk adjusted returns: This concept is central in assisting institutional investors to gain well diversified property exposure. With advanced portfolio modelling, we provide an understanding of the risk of different investments and their place in multi-asset structures.

These details could be out of date and Aberdeen services may change. Information about Aberdeen should be verified at the Aberdeen website.

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