Baillie Gifford Investment Management

Baillie Gifford is an independent investment management firm based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The firm has built its success around the stability of its partnership structure which provides reassurance for clients and motivation for employees. We now manage more than £54 billion (US$110 billion) in active equity and bond portfolios for clients in the UK and throughout the world, combining experience, enthusiasm and sound judgement.

Baillie Gifford offer a range of OEICs as well as an Investment Trust Savings Scheme, ISA, PEP Transfer, Childrenís Share Plan and Self Invested Personal Pension.

Baillie Gifford also offer both segregated and pooled funds to Corporate and Local Authority Pension Funds, Charities, Family Trusts, DC and Third Party Linked Funds as well as managing a variety of global and regional mandates for clients in North America, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Australasia.

Baillie Gifford is one of the UK's leading independently owned investment management firms. It is owned and run by 30 of its senior executives who operate as a partnership, a structure which has endured for almost a century and which provides stability for clients and motivation for employees. It enables us to manage the business for the future as well as the present, with the emphasis on genuine longĖterm thinking rather than lurching haplessly between short term targets.

Baillie Gifford assets under management now exceed £54 billion (US$110 billion), a sizable figure but one achieved by steady organic growth rather than being artificially inflated by merger or acquisition. More important to us than size is our ability to sensibly manage and support the needs of our clients, something which we do not think is generally well-served by chasing assets purely for the sake of size. Accordingly, if we feel it necessary to close a product in the interests of our current clients then we shall do so.

Baillie Gifford investment approach incorporates the development of people as well as company philosophy and processes and as active managers as opposed to passive, are prepared to back judgement in the composition of portfolios and their management. Baillie Gifford seek well-managed businesses that offer sustainable competitive advantages.

Share Plan
The Investment Trust Share Plan is a low-cost, simple way to invest in the stock market. We manage eight investment trusts, covering both global and specialist markets, and you can invest in them from as little as £30 a month or from £250 upwards for lump sum investments. Find out more about the Share Plan here. ISAs and PEPs.

Individual Savings Accounts replaced PEPs in 1999 as the Governmentís tax-efficient savings product. You can invest up to £7,000 a year in an ISA but can no longer invest new money in PEPs. ISAs and PEPs are only available to investors who are resident in the UK for tax purposes. Find out more about our ISA and PEP products here.

Investing for Children
The Childrenís Savings Plan is an investment trust product which makes it easy to invest for children. You can open a Designated Account or set up a Bare Trust, and can invest in all eight of the investment trusts managed by us. Find out more about our Childrenís Savings Plan here.

Investment trusts or OEICs?
Investment TrustsInvestment trusts are companies whose sole purpose is to invest in other companies with the aim of making money for shareholders. You can become a shareholder in an investment trust by investing in one of our investment products - Share Plan, ISA, PEP Transfer, and Childrenís Savings Plan - or by buying the trustís shares on the Stock Exchange.

An OEIC (Open-Ended Investment Company) is a collective investment vehicle in which you can buy shares. OEICs usually have a number of sub-funds and each sub-fund has different investment objectives. OEIC sub-funds invest in the stocks, shares and bonds of listed companies and may pay distributions to their shareholders. Find out more about our OEIC sub-funds here.

Top Baillie Gifford Funds

  • Baillie Gifford American Fund
  • Baillie Gifford British 350 Fund
  • Baillie Gifford British Smaller Companies Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Corporate Bond Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Developed Asia Pacific Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Growth Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Large Capitalisation Companies Fund
  • Baillie Gifford European Fund
  • Baillie Gifford European Smaller Companies Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Gilt Fund
  • A2
  • Baillie Gifford High Yield Bond Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Income Fund
  • Baillie Gifford International Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Investment Grade Bond Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Japanese Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Japanese Smaller Companies Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Managed Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Pacific Fund

  • These details could be out of date and Baillie Gifford services may change. Information about Baillie Gifford should be verified at the Baillie Gifford website.

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