F&C Investment Management

F&C is a leading European investment group whose UK holding company, F&C Asset Management Plc's shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

F&C Asset Management Plc have 141.0 billion under management (as at 31 December 2007) with offices throughout Europe F&C Asset Management Plc strive to build successful business partnerships with clients, intermediaries and consultants by providing solutions that deliver superior performance and service. F&C Asset Management Plc ultimate objective and mission is to create capital value for clients, owners and staff.

F&C Investment Trust products

  • Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust
  • F&C Capital & Income Investment Trust
  • F&C British Assets Trust
  • F&C Investors Capital Trust
  • F&C UK Select Trust
  • F&C Active Capital Trust
  • F&C Global Smaller Companies Trust
  • F&C US Smaller Companies Trust
  • F&C Private Equity Trust
  • F&C Graphite Enterprise Trust
  • F&C European Assets
  • Foreign and Colonial Eurotrust

What are the benefits of investment trusts?

  • The ‘closed-ended’ nature of investment trusts gives them the ability to take a long-term view and to ride out difficult market conditions. They also have the flexibility to invest in a wide range of assets and can even buy back their own shares to improve shareholder returns.

Independent Board of Directors

  • Being a company in its own right, each investment trust has a Board of Directors that oversees the running of that trust. The Directors are completely independent of the investment managers and are there to ensure that the interests of shareholders are looked after.

Spreading your risk

  • Because investment trusts own shares in a variety of different companies, buying shares in the trust will effectively give you a diversified portfolio. This spreads your risk, as you are not reliant on the success of just one or two companies.


  • Unlike unit trusts, investment trusts can borrow money to improve returns to shareholders. This ‘gearing’ ability can be extremely beneficial to the trusts’ returns in times of rising markets. Should markets fall, however, the gearing can magnify the negative impact on performance.

Low management charges

  • One of the roles of the independent Board is to ensure costs and charges are kept under control. This means that the total expenses (including the annual management charge) on investment trusts tend to be kept low.

Using professional expertise

  • Each investment trust has professional fund managers and this gives you access to their expertise and the expertise of the analysts and researchers within their teams.
    Most investment trusts also offer a variety of different savings schemes suitable for smaller investors. These schemes bring their own special advantages.  

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