Fidelity Investment Management

Fidelity International is one of the UK's largest investment fund managers with over 660,000 customers in the UK alone. Fidelity funds look after assets worth more than 140 billion and are dedicated to achieving the best possible returns for our investors.

Fidelity International was established nearly 40 years ago and have been committed to creating funds that help clients make wise investment choices. This is reflected in remarkable growth the company and its subsidiaries manage investments worth more than 140 billion for major institutions and millions of private investors around the world.

The cornerstone of the Fidelity approach is research. As well as studying financial results, analysts and fund managers visit companies, meet their managers and talk to suppliers, customers and distributors. This ebables Fidelity to take wholistic view of each company invested in - as well as 365 days a year active decision making.

Fidelity investment managers have won numerous industry awards, recognising the performance of Fidelity International funds and quality of research, customer service and technical innovation.

Fidelity Fund Management operates FundsNetwork - the UK's leading ISA supermarket, offering you a choice of over 1,000 funds from top investment companies such as Fidelity, New Star and Invesco Perpetual.

Fidelity offers a range of funds designed to meet specific investor needs including.
  • Fidelity Multi Asset Strategic Fund
  • Fidelity WealthBuilder Target funds
  • Fidelity MultiManager portfolios
  • Fidelity Hign Income Fund
  • Fidelity Retirement
  • Fidelity UK Aggregate
  • Fidelity South East Asia
  • Fidelity European
  • Fidelity Select Global
  • Fidelity Special Situations

Visit Fidelity International to find the following new investor help pages.....

Market Chronicle : Tools to discover how equity, bond, cash and property markets have performed over the past 75 years. And see the impact of major economic, social and political events on these markets.

Guide to investing : Fidelity's smart money guide to investing. This helpful guide compares investment types and helps determine what's right for different financial objectives and of course, different levels of risk tolerance.

First time investors - Getting the right mix : Everything you need to become an investor, arranged in sections that cover the five clear stages of your first investment. To get the right balance between risk and return, it is good practice to hold different types of investments (cash, bonds and equities).

Take a long term view : The stock market is a place for long-term savings - usually five to ten years or longer, and it is important to remember this if the market changes. But there are ways to make market volatility work for you and help smooth out it's effects on the value of your investment. Check at Fidelity International.

These details could be out of date and Fidelity services may change. Information about Fidelity should be verified at the Fidelity website.

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