Gartmore Investment Management

Gartmore is an independent fund manager, whose sole focus is asset management offering a wide range of investment products and services, tailored to meet the varying needs of clients.

With over 27bn under management, as at 31st December 2007, Gartmore has offices strategically located in London, Tokyo, Boston, Madrid and Frankfurt.

Proven investment pedigree and experience : Gartmore have been managing clients investments for over 30 years. During this time Gartmore have evolved from being a leading provider of balanced and indexed funds for UK pension funds to a specialist in high performing and alternative investments.

Awards & ratings : Gartmore investment capabilities have been independently recognised by a variety of sources and is reflected in Gartmore regularly receiving awards and ratings for its funds, people and business processes. In 2006, Gartmore achieved 29 industry awards including the coveted Gold Standard Award.

Gartmore investment products

  • Gartmore China Opportunities
  • Gartmore Emerging Markets Opportunities
  • Gartmore European Selected Opportunities
  • Gartmore Japan Opportunities
  • Gartmore Pacific Opportunities
  • Gartmore UK and Irish Smaller Companies
  • Gartmore US Opportunities
  • Gartmore US Smaller Companies
  • Gartmore European Growth
  • Gartmore UK Growth
  • Gartmore US Growth
  • Gartmore Cautious Managed
  • Gartmore Corporate Bond
  • Gartmore High Yield Corporate Bond
  • Gartmore UK Equity Income

Multi-boutique funds investment style : Gartmore investment specialists are concentrated into small, dedicated teams. In these specialised boutique units, This flexible structure operates within an overarching risk framework and means Gartmore managers now have greater discretion to add value through their own flair and individual skill. As a result, Gartmore management are fully accountable for portfolios and areas responsibilities.

Innovative investment strategies and fund structures : Gartmore has built a well-deserved reputation for innovation. As an early adopter of alternative investment strategies, Gartmore pioneered the integration of traditional and alternative investment management.

Significant employee ownership : Many of Gartmore senior fund managers and executives are now company owners and as such have a significant commitment to the long-term success of their individual funds, departments and Gartmore as a whole. Our independent structure is a powerful mechanism that delivers two key benefits: alignment and stability. Alignment; when it comes to performance, our fund managers' interests are united with those of our clients. And stability; our stakeholder-centric ownership strengthens, not only our ability to retain, but also to attract, outstanding investment talent. Visit Gartmore Investment Management

These details could be out of date and Gartmore services may change. Information about Gartmore should be verified at the Gartmore website.

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