Henderson Global Investors

Henderson Global Investors (Henderson Fund Management Ltd) is a leading independent global asset management firm. Established in 1934 to administer the estates of Alexander Henderson, the first Lord Faringdon, the company provides its institutional, retail and high net-worth clients with access to skilled investment professionals.

Henderson Global Investors represents and supplies a broad range of asset classes, including equities, fixed income, property and private capital. with Headquarters in London, Henderson is one of Europe's largest investment managers, with 61.6 billion assets under management (as at 30 June 2007) and employs around 900 people worldwide.

Leading Henderson Funds and Trusts

  • Henderson UK Equity Income Fund
  • Henderson UK Smaller Companies Fund
  • Henderson Japan Capital Growth Fund
  • Henderson European Opportunities Fund
  • Henderson Asia Pacific Capital Growth Fund
  • Henderson Strategic Bond Fund
  • Henderson Far East Income Limited
  • Henderson Diversified Income Limited
  • The City of London Investment Trust plc
  • Lowland Investment Company plc
  • TR European Growth Trust PLC
  • The Bankers Investment Trust PLC

Check Henderson Global Investors website for fund finder tools as well as tools that allow you to project the value of an investment in future years (assuming that all income generated from the investment is reinvested).

Henderson has offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Luxemburg, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Vienna, Zurich and London, which is also the head office. Henderson has had a presence in North America since 1999, when it acquired US real estate investment manager Phoenix Realty Advisers, and has offices in Chicago and Hartford. In Asia, Henderson has offices in New Delhi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney.

Henderson Global Investors Limited operates also as Henderson Fund Management plc, Henderson Administration Limited, Henderson Investment Funds Limited, Henderson Investment Management Limited, Henderson Alternative Investment Advisor Limited, Henderson Equity Partners Limited. Visit Henderson Global Investors

These details could be out of date and Henderson services may change. Information about Henderson should be verified at the Henderson website.

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