JP Morgan Asset Management

JPMorgan Asset Management with Investors around the world - including private individuals, corporations, pension funds, foundations, government bodies and charities.

JPMorgan Asset Management look to offer expertise across every key investment class and every economic region – so whatever investment or asset management solution clients need, JP Morgan Asset Management aim to deliver an investment strategy that can help.

What makes JPMorgan Asset Management different from other investment managers? > JP Morgan Asset Management believe in team-based investment management using disciplined processes. Depth and breadth of expertise in every key asset class and market. New and ground-breaking ideas to widen clients’ investment opportunities. IJPMorgan Asset Management are one of the largest and best-known names in investment management.

JPMorgan Asset Management are part of JPMorgan Chase, which provides retail banking, investment banking and asset management services across the world. Our experience spans more than 150 years – a history that’s reflected in expertise.

At JPMorgan Asset Management you can choose from a range of flexible fund types including property funds, OEIC, Unit and Investment Trusts.range. This range offers a wide choice of investment opportunities. You can keep your investment returns tax-efficient by investing your chosen funds through an ISA or PEP transfer.

Top JPMorgan Asset Management Funds

  • JPMorgan American Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Asian Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Chinese Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Elect Managed Cash
  • JPMorgan Elect Managed Growth
  • JPMorgan Elect Managed Income
  • JPMorgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan European Fledgling Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan European Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Fleming Claverhouse Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Fleming Japanese Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Fleming Japanese Smaller Companies Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Fleming Mercantile Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Fleming Overseas Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Fleming Smaller Companies Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Income & Capital Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Income & Growth Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Indian Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Mid Cap Investment Trust
  • JPMorgan Russian Securities
  • JPMorgan US Discovery Investment Trust

Funds In Focus
Spotlight on JPMorgan’s most popular funds, giving an example of the diverse investment opportunities in JPMorgan Asset Management range Portfolio Building.

JPM Natural Resources Fund
JPM Natural Resources Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth by capitalising on the natural resources boom.

JPM Global Equity Income Fund
A new fund that lets clients achieve a high and rising income from stocks across the world.

Cautious Total Return Fund
Read about a fund from JPMorgan Asset Management, which is designed to produce positive returns in all market conditions.

Multi Manager Growth Fund
Benefit from the best ideas, portfolio diversification and profit potential from an OEIC fund that invests in some of the UK's leading investment trusts

With JPMorgan Asset Management, build a balanced portfolio to offset the risks of cyclical asset classes and stockmarket peaks and troughs. JPMorgan Asset Management's international reach allows you to capture investment opportunities across the US, Europe, Japan and Asia-Pacific.

These details could be out of date and JP Morgan services may change. Information about JP Morgan should be verified at the JP Morgan website.

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