M&G Investment Management

M&G is an investment-led business which is driven by performance and is one of the largest active equity, property and fixed income managers in the UK. M&G also manages assets on behalf of a wide range of investors across the UK, Europe, Asia, the Americas and South Africa.

M&G look after investments for approximately 390,000 investors, with over 167.3 billion under our management invested in equities, fixed income and property. M&G fund managers each have their own individual and rigorous approach, based on what is best for your investment over the long term.

Trading since 1931, M&G launched the UKs first Unit Trust. M&G believe in offering clients straightforward products together with clear and balanced information, to help you make the right investment decisions.

At M&G we have some of the Citys most highly rated fund managers supported by one of the largest in-house research teams. We believe we can therefore offer you the best fund for your investment over the long term. at M&G Website, you can find out all you need to know about M&Gs funds, review the discounts available when you invest with M&G, find the latest prices for all UK stocks and shares, UK authorised funds and leading indices; also download fund reports and fund factsheets.

Popular M&G Investment Management Funds

  • M&G American Fund
  • M&G Asian Fund
  • M&G Balanced Portfolio
  • M&G Cautious Multi Asset Fund
  • M&G Cautious Managed Portfolio
  • M&G Corporate Bond Fund
  • M&G Dividend Fund
  • M&G Emerging Markets Bond Fund
  • M&G European Corporate Bond Fund
  • M&G European Fund
  • M&G European High Yield Bond Fund
  • M&G European Index Tracker Fund
  • M&G European Smaller Companies Fund
  • M&G European Special Situations Fund
  • M&G European Strategic Value Fund
  • M&G Extra Income Fund
  • M&G Fund of Investment Trust Shares
  • M&G Gilt & Fixed Interest Income Fund
  • M&G Global Basics Fund
  • M&G Global Leaders Fund
  • M&G Global Macro Bond Fund
  • M&G Global Technology Fund
  • M&G Growth Portfolio
  • M&G High Interest Fund
  • M&G High Yield Corporate Bond Fund
  • M&G Income Fund
  • M&G Index Tracker Fund
  • M&G International Growth Fund
  • M&G International Sovereign Bond Fund
  • M&G Japan Fund
  • M&G Japan Smaller Companies Fund
  • M&G Managed Fund
  • M&G Managed Growth Fund
  • M&G North American Value Fund
  • M&G Pan European Fund
  • M&G Property Portfolio
  • M&G Real Yield Fund
  • M&G Recovery Fund
  • M&G Smaller Companies Fund
  • M&G Strategic Corporate Bond Fund
  • M&G UK Growth Fund
  • M&G UK Growth Portfolio
  • M&G UK Select Fund

M&G Investment Management Limited trades as M&G Securities Limited and M&G Financial Services Limited all subsidiaries of M&G Limited. Visit M&G Website

These details could be out of date and M&G services may change. Information about M&G should be verified at the M&G website.

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