New Star Asset Management

Since foundation in 2000, New Star Asset Management has become established as one of the leading brands in the retail fund management industry as well as a significant player in fund management of institutional funds and alternative investments. This has been achieved by employing talented and experienced people across all New Star activities.

New Star Asset Management's stated primary objective is to provide client investors with superior investment returns across a broad range of asset classes, from equities and bonds to more specialist areas such as property.

As a genuinely active fund management company, New Star Asset Management maintain an environment in which the finest fund managers can focus on making investors richer, with as much freedom to invest as possible, subject always to rigorous monitoring, control and compliance. Our fund management team comprises some of the most talented and experienced fund managers in the industry and we also devote time and energy to developing the skills of younger investment professionals. New Star is, however, more than just a collection of talented individuals and the company culture encourages our investment teams to share and debate stock ideas within a dynamic and free-thinking environment.

New Star Asset Management fund managers has received independent endorsement from - among others - Citywire, the financial data group, which named us overall winner in its 2006 Citywire Team All Stars Awards. The awards were based on individual fund managers' risk-adjusted performance across 15 key Investment Management Association sectors. This is the third year in a row in which New Star has won this award.

New Star management team is supported by equally talented and experienced people in such areas as customer service, fund administration, intermediary sales and fund marketing. Senior executives have been carefully selected to enable achievement of sustained expansion targets and New Star is a well-capitalised forward-looking business with a culture of excellence where the staff are focused on serving clients and ensuring investment products and services more than match clients requirements.

Top New Star Funds and Trusts

  • New Star European Growth Fund
  • New Star European Leaders Fund
  • New Star European Value Fund
  • New Star Global Equity Fund
  • New Star Global Financials Fund A
  • New Star Heart of Africa Fund
  • New Star Hidden Value Fund
  • New Star High Yield Bond Fund
  • New Star Higher Income Fund
  • New Star International Property Fund
  • New Star Japan Fund
  • New Star Managed Distribution Fund
  • New Star North American Fund
  • New Star Select Opportunities Fund
  • New Star UK Alpha Fund
  • New Star UK Growth Fund
  • New Star Diversified Absolute Return Fund
  • New Star Equity Income Unit Trust
  • New Star Extra High Yield Bond Unit Trust
  • New Star Fixed Interest Unit Trust
  • New Star Global Strategic Capital Unit Trust
  • New Star Money Market Unit Trust
  • New Star Monthly Income Unit Trust
  • New Star Pacific Growth Unit Trust
  • New Star Sterling Bond Unit Trust
  • New Star Technology Unit Trust
  • New Star Tri-Star Unit Trust
  • New Star UK Property Unit Trust
  • New Star UK Strategic Capital Unit Trust
  • New Star UK Strategic Income Unit Trust
  • New Star Tactical Portfolio
  • New Star Active Portfolio
  • New Star Balanced Portfolio
  • New Star Managed Portfolio
  • New Star Cautious Portfolio Unit Trust
  • New Star Regional Portfolios
  • New Star American Portfolio
  • New Star Asia Portfolio
  • New Star European Portfolio
  • New Star Asset Management have reported progress to date to be 'most encouraging' and has received "positive response from investors and intermediaries and we look forward to New Star making further progress as we market our products around the world. Companies stated mission and priority is to produce 'best possible results for our clinets and investors'.

These details could be out of date and New Star services may change. Information about New Star should be verified at the New Star website.

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