Rensburg Fund Management

Rensburg Sheppards can trace its roots back to 1837 when stockbrokers Stanley Battye & Co was founded. The firm prided itself on providing a personal service to clients and these simple ideals have been handed down throughout the firm for over 160 years - they now underpin our entire approach to investment.

Today, Rensburg Sheppards has offices in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, employs over 600 people and provides a wide range of investment management and stockbroking services. The parent company, Rensburg Sheppards plc, is a listed company whose shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

Rensburg Sheppards size means that company can react quickly to change. Rensburg Sheppards can move in and out of markets and buy and sell stocks and shares with relative ease - of utmost importance in both rising and falling markets. Sister companies in the Rensburg group provide comprehensive investment management for pension funds, charities, unit trust groups, private individuals and venture capital funds for developing companies and more adventurous investors.

Top Rensburg Investment Management Funds

  • Rensburg Corporate Bond Trust
  • Rensburg UK Blue Chip Growth Trust
  • Rensburg UK Equity Income Trust
  • Rensburg UK Mgrs Focus Trust
  • Rensburg UK Micro Cap Growth Trust
  • Rensburg UK Mid Cap Growth Trust
  • Rensburg UK Select Growth Trust
  • Rensburg UK Smaller Companies Trust
  • AIG Rensburg UK Select Gth
  • AXA Rensburg UK Blue Chip Gth
  • AXA Rensburg UK Equity Inc
  • AXA Rensburg UK Select Gth
  • AXA Rensburg UK Smaller Cos
  • L & G Rensburg UK Eq Income
  • L & G Rensburg UK Sel Growth
  • Skandia Rensburg UK Equity Inc
  • Skandia Rensburg UK Mgrs Focus
  • Skandia Rensburg UK Mid Cap Gth
  • Skandia Rensburg UK Sel Growth
  • Winterthur Rensburg UK Sel Gth
  • Winterthur Rensburg UK Sm Cos
  • AIG Rensburg UK Select Growth
  • FNW Rensburg UK Sel Growth 4
  • L & G Rensburg UK Equity Income
  • L & G Rensburg UK Select Growth
  • Skandia Rensburg UK Equity Income
  • Skandia Rensburg UK Managers Focus
  • Skandia Rensburg UK Mid Cap Growth
  • Skandia Rensburg UK Select Growth
  • Winterthur Rensburg UK Eq Income
  • Winterthur Rensburg UK Sel Growth

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These details could be out of date and Rensburg services may change. Information about Rensburg should be verified at the Rensburg website.

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