Schroder Investment Management

Schroders is a global asset management company with £137.7 billion (Ä197.2 billion / $280.5 billion) under management as at 30 September 2007. Schroders clients include corporations, insurance companies, local and public authorities, charities, pension funds, high net worth individuals and retail investors.

Schroders aim is to apply their specialist asset management skills in serving the needs of clients worldwide and in delivering value to shareholders. With one of the largest networks of offices of any dedicated asset management company and over 300 portfolio managers and analysts covering the world's investment markets, Schroders offer clients a comprehensive range of products and services.

Top Schroder Funds

  • Schroder All Mature IL Bond
  • Schroder Asian Alpha Pacific
  • Schroder Charity Multi Asset
  • Schroder Corporate Bond
  • Schroder Diversified Growth
  • Schroder European
  • Schroder European Alpha Plus
  • Schroder European Inst
  • Schroder European Sm Cos
  • Schroder European Smaller Cos
  • Schroder Far East Income
  • Schroder Gbl Climate Change
  • Schroder Gbl Prop Sec
  • Schroder Gbl Qntative Core Eq
  • Schroder Gbl Quant Act Val
  • Schroder Gilt & Fixed Interest
  • Schroder Global Emg Mkts
  • Schroder Global Eq
  • Schroder Global Equity Income
  • Schroder Growth
  • Schroder Income
  • Schroder Income Maximiser
  • Schroder Index Lkd Bd
  • Schroder Inst UK Equity
  • Schroder Inter Corp Bd
  • Schroder International Bond
  • Schroder Japan Alpha Plus
  • Schroder Japan Sm Cos
  • Schroder Long Dated Corp Bond
  • Schroder Managed Balanced
  • Schroder Medical Discovery
  • Schroder Mgd Wlth Pfl
  • Schroder MM Caut Mgd Dist Pfl
  • Schroder MM High Alpha Pfl
  • Schroder MM Strategic Bal Pfl
  • Schroder Monthly High Income
  • Schroder Pacific
  • Schroder Pacific Inst
  • Schroder Prime UK Equity
  • Schroder Recovery
  • Schroder Spec UK Equity
  • Schroder Specialist Val UK Equity
  • Schroder Stg Broad Market Bd
  • Schroder Strategic Bond
  • Schroder Tokyo
  • Schroder UK Alpha Income
  • Schroder UK Alpha Plus
  • Schroder UK Equity
  • Schroder UK Large Cap
  • Schroder UK Mid 250
  • Schroder UK Select Growth
  • Schroder UK Sm Cos
  • Schroder UK Smaller Companies
  • Schroder US Qntative Core Eq
  • Schroder US Small & Mid Cap
  • Schroder US Smaller Companies

Schroders is committed to independent fundamental research. Seventy-five per cent of the research Schroders use is produced in-house.

Schroders core investment belief is that equity and bond markets are inefficient and that this can be exploited by an active manager - given the right resources and a disciplined, coherent approach.

Schroders therefore believe in the potential to generate competitive returns from independent research - and are committed to fundamental research. Schroders have the global resources to support this commitment. Schroders equity and credit analysts evaluate companies from many perspectives, focusing on a businessís potential for long-term value creation and earnings power, and its ability to service debts.

Schrodersí experienced portfolio managers take the research ideas which carry our highest conviction and, using proprietary tools, construct portfolios that maximise returns with the appropriate level and distribution of risk.

Schroder Investment Management Limited also trades as Schroder Unit Trusts Limited, Schroder Investments Limited and Schroder PLC. Schroders

These details could be out of date and Schroder services may change. Information about Schroder should be verified at the Schroder website.

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