Singer & Friedlander Asset Management

Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Limited provides corporate banking services to small and medium sized companies as well as a full range of investment banking services, including treasury, asset management, capital markets and comprehensive wealth management services to high net worth individuals.

Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Limited parent company, Kaupthing Bank hf, is a northern European bank offering integrated financial services to companies, institutional investors and individuals.

The Bank operates in twelve countries, including all the Nordic countries (Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden),  Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK, the  US, Dubai and Qatar. In Denmark, Kaupthing Bank operates under the name FIH Erhvervsbank. Kaupthing shares are listed on the Reykjavik and Stockholm stock exchanges with a market capitalisation of ISK 805 billion (£6.4 billion)*.

Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Limited key services

Our business is divided into the main areas of:

  • Banking
  • Investment banking
  • Treasury services
  • Capital Markets
  • Investment Management
  • Asset Finance

What makes Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Limited different

  • Business is based on strong personal relationships
  • Approach is to look at each transaction – however unusual – on its merits, rather than taking the ‘one size fits all’ stance of many of our competitors
  • Clients value ability to make decisions very quickly – and speak directly with the decision-makers
  • Once Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Limited make a commitment, we deliver on it
  • Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Limited thinking may be innovative, but core values remain traditional

Singer & Friedlander Funds ICVC is an open-ended investment company. It has an umbrella structure with subfunds, each investing in different market sectors. We provide a range of subfunds which are all managed to ensure that they remain ‘qualifying investments’ for the purposes of the Inland Revenue’s Personal Equity Plan (PEP) regulations and Individual Savings Account (ISA) regulations.

The Singer & Friedlander funds available for investment include:

Growth Funds

  • Singer & Friedlander European Growth Fund
  • Singer & Friedlander American Growth Fund
  • Singer & Friedlander Pacific Growth Fund
  • Singer & Friedlander Global Growth Fund

Singer & Friedlander Income and Growth Funds

  • Singer & Friedlander UK Growth Fund
  • Singer & Friedlander Model Portfolio Fund

Income Funds

  • Singer & Friedlander Preferred Income Fund

Tax Efficient Services

The effect of taxation can be one of the biggest threats to wealth. One of the strengths of our client service is our ability to create and manage portfolios that use all the benefits of statutory tax reliefs to mitigate capital gains, inheritance and income taxes. We are able to work closely with professional tax advisers to provide the most advantageous solution for our clients. Our services include:

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

This portfolio service takes advantage of growth opportunities offered by investing in smaller qualifying companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and using the capital gains, income and inheritance tax reliefs granted by the Government.

Inheritance Tax Relief Portfolio (IHT)

Our IHT portfolio harnesses the growth available in smaller qualifying companies listed on the AIM whilst utilising inheritance tax reliefs granted by the Government.


AIM is a regulated market offering small businesses the opportunity to raise new funds for expansion and to create a market in their shares. It is a first stop for dynamic young companies with potential for substantial growth. The market was launched in 1995. It consists of over 1600 Companies with a market capitalisation of over £90 billion*.

Family Investment Fund (FIF)

FIF allows clients to invest within a secure environment on a bespoke benchmark basis, and defer Capital Gains Tax payment until ultimate disposal of the assets. * Source: London Stock Exchange, 28 February 2007

These details could be out of date and Singer & Friedlander services may change. Information about Singer & Friedlander should be verified at the Singer & Friedlander website.

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