Skandia Investment Management

Skandia Investment Management is the Skandia UK Group's asset management company, dedicated to providing investment management solutions. A key component of the business is having one of the largest teams of investment professionals in the UK who focus solely on selecting, blending and monitoring managers to provide world class portfolios.

The business was established by recruiting a highly experienced and proven team of asset management professionals. Chief Executive, Jamie MacLeod who joined Skandia in 2002 and launched the business in early 2003, had previously built two significant investment businesses in his 18 year fund management career.

The business has grown rapidly in its first three years, with strong business inflows from a broad range of professional intermediaries. It has already become established as one of the major providers of multi-manager solutions in the UK financial adviser market.

Skandia Actively Managed Funds, a range of funds providing comprehensive managed investment solutions for advisers and investors looking to delegate their investment decisions and asset allocation decisions to a dedicated investment manager.

Top Skandia Funds

  • Skandia Cautious Fund
  • Skandia Balanced Fund
  • Skandia Aggressive Fund
  • Skandia Bond Income Fund
  • Skandia Equity Income Fund

Skandia Ethical Fund, a fund that combines the benefits of our MultiManager approach by selecting, blending and monitoring managers who offer complementary investment styles and follow a strict ethical screening criteria.

By blending a portfolio of global equities managed by JPMorgan Asset Management with four retail ethical funds from Norwich Union, Aegon, F&C and Impax, Skandia Investment Management aims to provide a well diversified fund which also meets strict ethical screening criteria.

Skandia Best Ideas Funds, three exciting funds which aim to maximise the benefits of MultiManager investing to the full. The idea is based on a simple, logical and compelling concept: take ten world-class managers, ask them to pick their ten 'best stock ideas', and put them together in a single fund.

Skandia Asset Allocator Funds, a fund range that combines all the benefits of selecting, blending and monitoring managers that have proved so popular – but with more flexibility to allow advisers to make asset allocation decisions.

Top Skandia Funds and Unit Trusts

  • Skandia UK Equity Blend Fund.
  • Skandia European Equity Blend Fund.
  • Skandia US Equity Blend Fund.
  • Skandia Japanese Equity Blend Fund.
  • Skandia Far East Equity Blend Fund.
  • Skandia Global Emerging Markets Equity Fund.
  • Skandia UK Fixed Interest Blend Fund.
  • Skandia Global Fixed Interest Blend Fund.
  • Skandia Emerging Market Debt
  • Skandia Euro Guaranteed
  • Skandia European Equity
  • Skandia European Opportunities
  • Skandia Global Bond
  • Skandia Global Equity
  • Skandia Greater China Equity
  • Skandia Healthcare
  • Skandia Japanese Equity
  • Skandia Pacific Equity
  • Skandia Reserve
  • Skandia Swedish Bond
  • Skandia Swedish Equity
  • Skandia Swedish Growth
  • Skandia Swiss Equity
  • Skandia Technology
  • Skandia Total Return Bond

Skandia Property Funds, a range of funds offering a choice of 'bricks and mortar' or 'global property securities'.

Investing in commercial property has become increasingly popular among investors over the past few years as more people appreciate the attractions of a relatively high and stable income, along with strong capital growth potential offered by property investment. This has been further boosted by a growing understanding of the benefits of diversification when including property within a traditional share and bond portfolio.

To meet this growing interest, Skandia launched two new funds, the Skandia Property Fund, a direct UK property fund run by ING Real Estate Investment Management (UK Funds) Limited, part of the ING Real Estate network, the world’s largest property asset manager* and the Skandia Global Property Securities (LaSalle) Fund, a global property securities fund run by LaSalle Investment Management (Securities), one of the world’s leading real estate securities investment managers.

For those seeking to invest directly with Skandia Investment Management Skandia also offer the Skandia Single Strategy Funds – designed for professional investment advisers who make both asset allocation and investment selection decisions.

The rapid growth in the market for investment solutions is also helping to sustain the demand for high quality funds focused on a specific geographical area or asset class.

Skandia American Fund is sub-advised by T. Rowe Price. This world class investment manager is available to UK retail investors exclusively through Skandia Investment Management.

Skandia Investment Management Limited, a member of the Skandia group of companies. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered Office: Skandia House, Portland Terrace, Southampton, SO14 7EJ, United Kingdom.

These details could be out of date and Skandia services may change. Information about Skandia should be verified at the Skandia website.

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