Threadneedle Investments

Threadneedle Investment Services Limited as a dynamic international asset management company that is focused solely on our investors’ needs.

Many types of client worldwide benefit from Threadneedle Investment Services informed decision making, including pension schemes, insurance companies, corporations, affiliate group companies and private investors.

Threadneedle Investment Services Limited reputation has been built on strong and consistent long-term performance, superb customer service and a broad and complementary range of products. With a team of well over one hundred talented investment professionals, Threadneedle Investment Services expertise extends to equities, bonds, property and alternative investments.

Threadneedle Investment Services adopt a clearly defined approach to making good investments. Threadneedle aim to offer a diverse range of products including OEICs, pooled funds, segregated pension funds, hedge funds and 130/30 funds and consider all asset classes: equities, bonds, property, cash.

Threadneedle Investment Services operate in markets across the world with a presence in America, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Middle East and the Nordic region deliver investment products across channels including retail, wholesale and institutional

Threadneedle's business is ONLY the management of clients' money.

Threadneedle Investment Services aim is to deliver superior long-term returns for our clients. Rather than adhere to a single investment style, Threadneedle Investment Services adjust strategies in response to economic and market conditions review and adjust need to invest in equities, bonds, property or cash.

Threadneedle Investment Services are active in every major equity and bond market in the world. Equities : Equity funds cover the full range of global markets and present a choice of risk profiles. They can also target growth, income or a combination of both.

Investors can further fine-tune their exposure through a selection of thematic funds specialising in medium-sized or smaller companies.

Bonds and cash : Comprehensive range of bond funds, focusing on government bonds, investment grade and high yield corporate bonds. Emerging market bonds, traditional money market portfolios, absolute return funds and Property.

Threadneedle have considerable experience in this increasingly important asset class. Our dedicated team of experts manages funds investing in UK and European property.

Trading as Threadneedle Investment Services Limited, Threadneedle Portfolio Services Limited, Threadneedle Asset Management Limited. Visit Threadneedle website

These details could be out of date and Threadneedle services may change. Information about Threadneedle should be verified at the Threadneedle website.

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