Mortgage Payback rates. & info on ways to pay back your mortgage , mortgage pay-off ways , paying off mortgage , mortgage pay back methods , paying back mortgage early
Mortgage Payback rates & info on options for paying back your UK mortgage ,  mortgage pay back ways , early morgage payoff, mortgage payback ways , ways to payback mortgage

ways to pay back mortgage , ways to payback mortgage , ways to pay-back mortgage , ways to payoff mortgage , ways to pay-off mortgage , mortgage pay back ways , early morgage payoff, mortgage payback ways , mortgage pay-back ways , mortgage pay-off ways , paying off mortgage , mortgage pay back methods , pay mortgage early

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Mortgage Payback Rates

Repayment only.

Your monthly repayments consist of repaying the capital amount borrowed together with accrued interest. On your mortgage statement, normally received annually, you will see that the amount borrowed decreases throughout the term.


At the end of the term, you are safe in the knowledge that the total amount of the debt has been repaid. Overpayments and lump sum payments into your mortgage account can be made reducing both the interest and capital amounts repayable. Life assurance cover is not always necessary in taking out this type of mortgage.


There may be financial penalties for making lump sum/overpayments into your mortgage account. In the early years of a repayment mortgage the majority of the monthly repayment is interest rather than capital. For borrowers moving house regularly, this can result in little of the capital being paid off. If you have no life assurance cover in place and die before the loan is repaid, the mortgage will still need to be repaid. This may result in the property having to be sold to repay the debt owed.

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