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Director Dealings

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Director dealings : Scotgold Resources, Styles & Wood, Falkland Islands Holdings

12/12/2012 - Director Dealings - 0 Comments - 93 words

John Bentley, a director of Scotgold Resources has acquired 500,000 ordinary shares on 11 December 2012 at 3.5 pence per ordinary share. John Bentley now holds 1,962,500 Scotgold shares.

Robert Hough, Non Executive Director of Styles & Wood Group plc has acquired 50,000 ordinary shares on 10 December 2012 at 6.875 pence per Ordinary Share. Robert Hough now holds 119,599 Ordinary Shares.

Falkland Islands Holdings plc also notes that today director John Foster purchased 5,000 ordinary shares on 10 December 2012 at 325 pence per Share.

Director dealings : Thomas Cook, TVC Holdings, Global Energy Development

05/12/2012 - Director Dealings - 0 Comments - 82 words

Thomas Cook Group plc directors Roger Burnell and Peter Marks each purchased 80,000 and 37,907 at 25.5p and 26.4p respectively on 3rd Nov 2012.

Stephen C Voss, a director of Global Energy Development purchased 12,500 ordinary shares on 03 December 2012 at 108 pence per share. Mr Voss now holds 323,068 ordinary shares.

TVC Holdings plc Executive Chairman Shane Reihill has purchased 450,000 ordinary shares at a price of €0.83 per Ordinary Share on 29 November 2012.

Director dealings : InternetQ, Cupid plc, Minco

27/11/2012 - Director Dealings - 0 Comments - 97 words

Irish exploration firm Minco plc notes that on 23 November 2012 that Mr Rowan Maule, a non-executive director, acquired 825,000 ordinary shares at £0.02 per ordinary share on 20 November 2012, his entire share holding.

Cupid plc notes that Russ Shaw, a Non Executive Director on 26 November 2012 purchased 5,367 ordinary shares at £1.835 each. Mr Shaw now holds 10,064 Ordinary Shares.

Konstantinos Korletis, the Group's Executive Chairman of InternetQ plc has sold 300,000 Ordinary Shares at 182p per share. Mr Korletis now holds 501,875 Ordinary Shares, 1.45% of InternetQ's issued share capital.

Director dealings : Nakama Group, President Energy, Home Retail Group

21/11/2012 - Director Dealings - 0 Comments - 93 words

President Energy notes that on 19 November 2012 John Hamilton, CEO purchased 80,000 ordinary shares at 24 pence per share. Mr Hamilton's now holds 380,000 shares in the Company.

Paul Loft, a person discharging managerial responsibility at Home Retail Group has sold 40,000 on 16 November 2012, at a price of 106.78 pence per share.

Nakama Group notes that Stefan Ciecierski. Chief Executive Officer, acquired 285,745 ordinary shares at 1.40 pence per share on 16th November 2012. Mr Ciecierski now holds 13,291,882 ordinary shares, 11.28% of the issued ordinary share capital.

Director dealings : Mediwatch, Lok'nStore, Plexus Holdings

16/11/2012 - Director Dealings - 0 Comments - 97 words

Dr Philip Stimpson, Chief Executive Officer of Mediwatch has purchased 250,000 ordinary shares at 2.25 pence per share on 14 Nov 2012. Dr Stimpson now holds 24,318,021 ordinary shares in the Company.

Lok'nStore Group plc notes that on 13 November 2012 that Richard Holmes, Non-Executive Director bought 27,500 Ordinary Shares at 108.5p each per share.bMr Holmes now holds 188,500 Shares in the Company.

Oil and gas engineering services firm Plexus Holdings Plc notes that Christopher Fraser, Non-Executive Director has acquired 5,000 ordinary shares on 12 November 2012 at 191.89 pence per Share, his total holding.

Director dealings : Alkane Energy, ARM Holdings, LukOil

07/11/2012 - Director Dealings - 0 Comments - 102 words

Roger McDowell, Non-Executive Chairman of Alkane Energy plc acquired 50,000 ordinary shares on 5 November 2012 at 24.5 pence per ordinary share. Roger McDowell now holds 815,000 Ordinary Shares.

ARM Holdings plc notes that Graham Budd, a person discharging managerial responsibility sold 250,000 shares at a price of 720.0 pence per share.

Graham Budd also gave 30,000 shares to a charitable trust and his total resultant shareholding is 260,577 shares.

LukOil was informed that Mr V S Subbotin, Vice President acquired 5,260 ordinary shares on 1 November 2012 in Moscow. The volume of transaction was 9,986,317 Russian rubles.

Director dealings : Ariana Resources, Pathfinder Minerals, Parallel Media

01/11/2012 - Director Dealings - 0 Comments - 83 words

Mr Michael de Villiers a Director of Ariana Resources purchased 250,000 ordinary shares this week at 1.6p per ordinary share and now holds 2,599,142 ordinary shares in the Company.

Pathfinder Minerals notes that on 26 October 2012 that John McKeon, Non-executive Chairman purchased 1,000,000 ordinary shares at 1.9 pence per Share and now holds 47,964,700 Ordinary Shares.

Parallel Media Group notes that David Ciclitira, Chairman acquired 62,500 ordinary shares at an average price of 14.92p on 30 October 2012.

Director dealings : Chariot Oil & Gas, PureCircle, Alkane Energy

26/10/2012 - Director Dealings - 0 Comments - 90 words

Paul Welch, CEO of Africa focused oil and gas exploration firm Chariot Oil & Gas has purchased 200,000 ordinary shares at 29.20 pence per share. Mr Welch now holds 500,000 ordinary Chariot shares.

PureCircle notes that on 22nd Oct 2012 director Mr Tan Boon Seng purchased 500,000 ordinary shares at 2.39216 UKP per share.

Alkane Energy plc notes that Roger McDowell, Non-Executive Chairman, acquired 265,000 ordinary shares this week at 22.67 pence per share. Roger McDowell now holds 765,000 ordinary Alkane shares.

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