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Most active stocks : WH Smith, African Barrick Gold, Barclays, Fresnillo

Most active stocks : WH Smith, African Barrick Gold, Barclays, Fresnillo

14/10/2010 by about : Stockmarket Trading - 0 Comments - 453 words

African Barrick Gold has had to take the step of suspending 40% of its mining in the Buzwagi mine following speculation that a fuel theft was an inside job. African Barrick Gold had already indicated that it would likely only reach the bottom end of its forecasted output, but this move means that they will be unlikely even to reach this. Shares are down 8.34% to 571.25p each.

Banks are still suffering the effects of Basel III and yesterdays move by Standard Chartered to try and counteract these measures. Barclays is the worst hit so far, in terms of share price. Its stock has dropped 3.25% to 282.48p. Lloyds Banking Group is next worst with share price loses of 2.80% pushing their shares down to 70.56p.

Fresnillo is still performing extremely well following yesterdays news that their silver production levels had hit a record high. Their shares are up 2.11% having reached 1,309.00p today.

Away from the FTSE 100, WH Smith has also enjoyed a bumper morning thanks largely to their travel division. They have increased their final dividend by 20% having posted a strong profit rise buoyed by its retail stores in railway stations and airports. Shares have risen 5.36% to 479.40p.

FTSE 100 Gains: Fresnillo Plc +2.11% (1,309.00p), ARM Holdings Plc +1.73% (388.95p), Vodafone Group +1.71% (166.68p), Rio Tinto +1.63% (4,105.00p), and Johnson Matthey +1.42% (1,869.00p).

FTSE 100 Losses: African Barrick Gold -8.34% (571.25p), Barclays -3.25% (282.48p), Lloyds Banking Group -2.80% (70.56p), Royal Bank of Scotland RBS -2.62% (46.27p), and Compass Group -2.07% (519.75p).


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