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Director dealings : Amec, Alkane Energy, Nighthawk Energy, Gold Oil

27/05/2011 by about : Director Dealings - 0 Comments - 232 words

Gold Oil plc has notified that John Charlton, a non-executive director, acquired 125,000 ordinary shares in Company on 25 May 2011 at a price of 3.58 pence per share. Following acquisition, Mr Charlton holds 250,000 ordinary shares, representing approx 0.03% of the issued share capital of the Company.

Oil industry offshore design contractor Amec advise that John Connolly, who is to join the AMEC Board as Chairman on 1 June 2011, has notified the Company that on 25 May 2011 he purchased 17,500 AMEC shares at an average price of £11.45p per share. This represents Mr Connolly's entire holding of AMEC Shares.

Nighthawk Energy, the US focused oil development and production company has received notification on 25 May 2011 that Tim Heeley, Chief Executive Officer and Richard Swindells, Chief Financial Officer designate of Nighthawk purchased a total of 312,384 ordinary shares at bewteen 6.23 and 6.40 pence per share. 63,680 of the shares purchased by Richard Swindells at 6.2314p are registered in the name of his wife Claire Swindells.

Alkane Energy was notified that on 26 May 2011, Neil O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer, acquired 100,000 ordinary shares at a price of 20.00 pence per Share. Following purchase Neil O'Brien has a beneficial interest in 749,000 Ordinary Shares in Alkane, representing 0.75% of the enlarged issued share capital post completion of the Transaction.


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