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Latest share tips

Newspaper share tips : Colt Group, William Hill, Henderson, Carillion, Go-Ahead

22/10/2010 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 309 words

Colt Group has restructured and diversified its offerings in the last five years, turning from a purely voice telecoms company to a more data orientated one. Share prices are 8.5 times next years earnings but with no dividends and a slow growth profile, the Times recommends waiting for stronger signals of growth.

The Daily Telegraph has noted that Go-Ahead did not suffer in the spending review as badly as expected. It will face cuts but not until 2012 and those won’t be as bad as expected. As such, the Telegraph recommends buying shares in the bus company.

East of England building firm May Gurney is another company in a similar position. Traders feared the worst, but the worst didn’t happen and so share prices now look cheap according to the Telegraph so investors are advised to buy.

Public service contractor Carillion even enjoyed the spending review because of talk of increased investment in the rail network. There wasn’t a lot of detail released but this should arrive soon – buy, says the Telegraph.

William Hill shares are now expected to hit the top end of forecasts following a strong recovery in the latter part of the year. Shares trade at around 9 times forecasted earnings, making these a buy according to the Independent.

Fund and asset management group Henderson shares trade at around 13.8 times earnings but things are expected to be difficult in both the UK and US markets for at least a short while. The Independent holds a long term favourable view but suggests only holding for now.

Shoppers will have less to spend in the coming months following the spending review and while Debenhams took the welcome move of reinstating dividends for next year the Independent recommends a cautious approach with this stock too, advising that investors hold the shares.

Newspaper share tips : Eddie Stobart, Sports Direct, CVS Group, Holidaybreak

21/10/2010 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 356 words

On Tuesday it was announced that the Serious Fraud Office was not pursuing investigations into JJB Sports or Sports Direct, which will help a little to clean their tarnished reputation. However, the Times recommends steering clear nevertheless.

Travel firm Holidaybreak has enjoyed success with its Liddington outdoor education centre. It is trading well, is fully occupied, and the company aims to triple the number of rooms. Shares trade on 8.6 times this years earnings so buy, says the Times.

Dragon Oil is the only UK business with listed oil production in Turkmenistan and the company has a major role to play in the development of the country’s massive hydrocarbon reserves. The Times advises investors to avoid, though, because of the company’s reliance on a single project.

Haulage and logistics firm Stobart Group has performed well despite analysts predictions in generating a rise in first half revenues. The shares are by no means cheap, trading at 17 times next years earnings, but they are worthy of holding according to the Independent.

Telford Homes trading update was a mixed bag in reality, although the company put a positive spin on it. Home sales and open market completions were in line with expectations but the board are cautious of the outlook and consumer spending. The Independent says it will take at least two years for profits so either hold until then or sell now.

Pneumatic Conveying specialist Clyde Process Solutions has a new £1.2m contract to celebrate and has continued to perform well even during the economic downturn. The Independent advises buying especially as they may yet be subject of a takeover bid.

Bunzl posted a good trading update pointing to a 6% year on year growth in revenue for the last quarter. The ride could be a bumpy one but the Telegraph says that Bunzl shares remain a buy.

Norfolk-based veterinary services provider CVS Group has had a difficult year to endure but full year results look good. The Telegraph recommends a hold until the company can show progress in debt reduction and an increase in like for like sales.

Newspaper share tips : BAE, Chemring, Rio Tinto, Inmarsat recommendations

20/10/2010 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 251 words

BAE is Europe’s largest aerospace manufacturer and while it will obviously be hit by defence cuts, the Times believes it is well placed to take advantage of increasing demand from emerging markets. As such, it seems difficult to justify their share discount when compared to their American peers. Investors will have a better idea of the future potential when BAE releases a trading update tomorrow that will give a clearer picture of how the defence cuts will affect them.

Chemring is another business that operates within the defence sector, providing products like flares and munitions to British and American Armed Forces. The Times is cautious about Chemring as they may struggle once operations in Afghanistan begin to wind down next year.

Spectators will not be surprised that the Rio Tinto deal with BHP Billiton was not allowed to go ahead. The company is now planning to increase its production levels to 330m tonnes a year by 2015 and shares trade on 9.6 times this years earnings falling to 8.2 next year. Shares have risen 21% in the last four months but remain a buy according to the Telegraph.

Inmarsat has been under pressure since Harbinger sold its stake in the group. Shares in the satellite group which offered non-stop coverage of the Chilean miner rescue last week are currently trading on 19.7 times this years earnings. This falls to 17.5 next year but the stock does offer a 3.6% yield. The Telegraph recommends holding these shares.

Newspaper share tips : Standard Chartered, SABMiller, Nanoco, Beazley, Vertu

19/10/2010 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 260 words

Standard Chartered has been described as the best bank in the world in some quarters and it certainly performed well compared to other banks throughout the financial crisis. However, its shares are far from being cheap and offer a modest 2.3% prospective yield. The Independent recommends that the bank is certainly worth holding but there are better opportunities for profit elsewhere.

SABMiller posted strong results yesterday thanks to an increase in sales in emerging markets. Shares have boomed this year, though, and now look relatively expensive at 18.6 times forecasted 2011 earnings. Nearly approaching their 12 month high, the Independent believes that SABMiller shares are just a hold.

Nanoco manufactures quantum dots which are seen as an emerging technology in the fast paced television manufacturing market. Revenue and losses both rose in the year to 21 July but analysts believe this will turn to profit in 2012 so buy says the Independent.

Beazley’s 300p per share bid for Hardy Underwriting was seen as a good idea in principle by Hardy but also seen as being far too undervalued. Hardy directors seem to be in the driving seat with regards price and the Times is cautious so recommends watching the unfolding acquisition saga from the sidelines.

Vertu Motors enjoyed a big boom in its prices yesterday rising 17.9% to 33p each. The rise means that it now trades at nearly 12 times this years earnings and with the VAT rise in January and consumer jitters this means that the shares are worth avoiding according to the Times.

Weekend share tips : Rank Group, Marks and Spencer, BP, Clearstream Technology

18/10/2010 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 290 words

The Investors Chronicle has offered a variety of Tips of the Week for investors to mull over. Rank Group shares do not yet include potential for new bingo and *** formats plus there’s the possibility of a buy out. Buy Novae shares as they look cheap and the company should benefit from a release in capital. Buy the cheap looking Northbridge Industrial Services but sell Corin as the wait for them to transform themselves may be too long.

In Updates, keep buying Carillion tipped in September, Intercede tipped in July 09, and Marks and Spencer first tipped in April 2010. Sell Halfords which was tipped in September 2008 as it is time to take some profits.

Private equity investments have good potential so News Tips in the Investors Chronicle recommends buying HgCapital and SVG Capital. BP remains a speculative buy and investors are advised to keep buying into Entertainment One and Eros International. Soco International shares look high enough following disappointing results and Punch Taverns too, especially with their current debt levels. Buy N Brown following its 15% increase in dividend.

In Feature Tips, Martin Li believes that gold related shares have further to go and highlights five worthy of consideration – Orosur Mining, Chaarat Gold, Mariana Resources, Solomon Gold, and Vatukoula Gold Mines.

In Brokers’ Views, EasyJet is a buy according to Commerzbank and a hold is recommended by Numis Securities with IC suggesting that shares are fairly priced. It’s a resounding buy for Travis Perkins according to Shore Capital and Numis Securities; Investors Chronicle says that the shares offer long term good value.

From the Results Tips of the Investors Chronicle, the recommendations are to buy Clearstream Technology, Jubilee Platinum, Gemfields, and Matchtech.

Weekend share tips : Travis Perkins, Petropavlovsk, BG Group, De La Rue, Serco

18/10/2010 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 260 words

In the Daily Telegraph, both Travis Perkins and N Brown are both listed as recommended buys according to numerous brokers. E2V and Burberry, however, are more speculative purchases for the braver investor.

Spending cuts are playing a major part in virtually all areas of trading. The Sunday Telegraph Sunday Questor recommends holding Serco until the impact of the cuts is more obvious. Smiths Group is another hold as they look set to raise their dividend again later this year.

In the Sunday Times, James Ashton suggests a special dividend could be made by BG Group if they were to sell their Brazilian interests to the Chinese market. The deal would be worth an estimated $15bn. Michael Page share prices are up with events and Peter Shearlock of the Sunday Times has bought back into De La Rue after their share price fall.

Derek Pain of the Independent has sold English Wines Group, replacing it instead with Rivington Street Holdings.

The Daily Mail provided a list of stocks that enable the investor to play the rising gold price – Petropavlovsk, Medusa Mining, Cluff Gold, and Pan African Resources. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail suggests that Sportingbet’s share sales by 6 of their directors suggests reasons for caution from investors.

The Mail on Sunday has suggested EasyDate as a good buy because of its ambitious founder Bill Dobbie and the potential for growth. They also suggest holding Vitec which was first tipped in August 2008 as it has very good potential over the coming few years.

Newspaper share tips : Mothercare, Rio Tinto, Standard Chartered, WH Smith

15/10/2010 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 363 words

The UK retail performance for Mothercare was far from inspirational but overall results looked decent because of their incredible international growth. They also offer an attractive, progressive dividend yield so the Independent recommends holding their stock.

Booker reported decent results with a £36.9m pre-tax profit for the 24 weeks to 10 September. They still have a very large customer base which they supply through 170 branches and the reasonable 2.7% dividend yield helps make their shares a little more attractive. The Independent believes this is just enough to recommend buying their shares.

There was no doubting the quality of the figures provided by mobile gambling company Probability. 27.1% more money was deposited into player’s accounts last month than in April and 54.9% more money was gambled. The Independent recommends them as a speculative buy.

Newsagents WH Smith not only posted results that were better than expected but also announced a £50m share buyback scheme. Their shares spiked yesterday as a result and the Times notes they are a defensive stock in the retail sector, although they still advise caution amid consumer spending uncertainty.

Meanwhile Clinton Cards has little going for it, recons the Times, apart from uncertainty. Revenues were flat and there was a rise in profits for the core chain but a loss for the Birthdays Retail chain. No need to go chasing Clinton Cards shares according to the Times.

With miners the toast of the week, Rio Tinto is one of the cheapest mining sector shares at just 5.8 times earnings. They also look set to enjoy continued growth in the Asian market. The Times recommends them as a long term buy.

Standard Chartered has made progressive steps in securing the capital it will need to pay for regulatory reforms. They are a solidly run company and the Telegraph believes they are worth buying especially on signs of weakness.

Finally, Bodycote saw its shares rocket after saying they expected to hit the top end of forecasted profits. This rise means that the 2.7% yield rising to 2.9% next year is not enough to make them an attractive purchase. The Telegraph recommends avoiding Bodycote shares.

Newspaper share tips : Bodycote, Antofagasta, Man Group, Reed Elsevier, RPC

14/10/2010 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 315 words

Bodycote share prices look fairly high compared to this years earnings and while the company is listed as an engineering company it is in fact a services company. The Times recommends holding.

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