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2012 share tips : UK stock market newspaper round-ups - Reply to topic

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Check UK share tips at following link...

Newspaper Share Tips

New year share tips 2 : Babcock, Marston's, Domino Printing Sciences, Futuragene
05/01/2010 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 205 words

Mail on Sunday 4th Jan 2010. The Mail on Sunday's share-tipping column recommended portfolio "balance" for beating on-going economic uncertainty in 2010 with share tips for Babcock, Marston's, Domino Printing Sciences, Futuragene

Babcock. Problems with rail division blighted the share price in 2009. There have also been concerns that the company may suffer if the Government cuts defence spending. These fears seem overplayed. Babcock is a strong business with good prospects says Midas column.

Brewer Marston's management is extremely focused, company should benefit from economic recovery and its own expansion programme, expected to maintain a dividend of about 5.8p this year which puts the shares on a generous 6.6% yield.

Domino Printing had limited sales in 2009 however in 2010 and beyond, sales should be stronger. Governments are keen to limit counterfeit goods by clear labelling. Domino provides such technology. The shares should reward patient investors says the Mail.

Futuragene is developing ways to make trees grow quicker & be more resistant to cold and drought, will not be profitable for another two to three years but it has enough money to finance research for a while. Midas suggest this a risky investment, but if its technology works, the stock could soar.

New year share tips 1 : Shell, Balfour Beatty, Toluna, Green King, ACS, Lloyds & IMI
04/01/2010 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 318 words

Sunday Times staff picked following shares for 2010 in an article on 3rd Jan 2010 including Royal Dutch Shell, Toluna, Balfour Beatty, Green King, Astra Zeneca, ACS, Lloyds Banking Group, IMI and RPC. Source original article at Sunday Times website.

Royal Dutch Shell - good balance sheet, reduced operating costs and capital spend for current year. Has launched restructuring and maintains the dividend.

Toluna runs online surveys for market-research firms recently completed purchase of Microsoft’s online survey business. If the deal proves a success then the shares could take off, regards it as a risky bet.

Balfour Beatty expects new contracts in staple industries - roads, sewers, construction as well as Water company and power utilities for network upgrades - belives plenty of room for growth.

Green King has 2600 pubs. £200m was raised last year to relieve concern over debts, has been making acquisitions, continues to pay a dividend.

Astra Zeneca is generating cash and could raise dividend, should be a solid investment in an uncertain year as a defensive company back into favour.

Advanced Computer Software (ACS) is to consolidate healthcare software with iNurse, an electronic handset used by district nurses to manage patient records while on their rounds. With acquisitions expected Times staff believes ACS has further to go.

Despite no dividend in sight and possible downside risk at around the present 50p level Lloyd Banking Group Times staff suggest is an attractive time to buy in but not one for the fainthearted.

RPC Group, Europe’s leading maker of plastic packaging for pharmaceuticals. The company has made huge strides in cutting costs. Free cashflow is increasing and the underlying interest cover is strong.

IMI engineering group makes valves, HVAC and specialist components for the oil and gas industry. Company has shifted some manufacturing to low cost centers and the management is highly rated. The shares should perk up with the return to economic growth this year.

Share tips : 888 Holdings, Hunting, Southern Cross & Dawson Holdings,
29/12/2009 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 175 words

Christmas week - The Times is neutral on 888 Holdings the internet gambling operator has market capitalisation of £400m has made acquisitions recently that it enhances the company’s value in the sector. 888 reported trading in the fourth quarter remained strong and actively peruses a US presence by the end of next year.

Hunting, the FTSE 250 oil / gas services company should report within expectations in 2009. Gas price has doubled from its low in September. Hunting is well-positioned to make the most of any North American economic upturn. Buy says the Independent.

Magazine distributor Dawson Holdings admitted that 2009 was a torrid year as its shares fell significantly. With no dividend in prospect for the coming year avoid says the Independent.

Care home operator Southern Cross is working to improve quality of service and care whilst cutting costs. More elderly people are going to need residential care and Southern Cross should be in a position to benefit, particularly if the present improvement programme delivers. Buy says the Mail on Sunday.

Share tips : Gem Diamonds, Avocet Mining, DCD Media & Cairn Energy
26/12/2009 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 259 words

Christmas week : The Times is neutral on Gem Diamonds, the fully listed miner who, in a new agreement, will supply Tiffany & Co with fancy yellow rough diamonds from Australian sources. With $100 million cash in the bank and an improving environment hold says the Times but the Telegraph say buy.

Telegraph also still says buy for International Ferro Metals the South African ferrochrome metals producer who Questor tipped during 2009 at the wrong time and the shares plunged by more than 50%.

Avocet Mining - the AIM-listed goldminer is down by nearly half in the last year. Company recently disclosured that output from new acquisition Inata mineis so far ahead of schedule. With Avocet’s present discount to other mining groups in the sector and an improved interest in gold mining, the shares a buy according to the Times.

Cairn Energy has brought forward its drilling campaign offshore of Greenland by a year. Brokers analysts expect company discoveries at the rate of two a year & in the region of 500 million barrels of oil equivalent and indicating a value for the share price significantly above the present level. The Times suggests a hold for now.

The Independant decribes DCD Media as a high risk call but a buy. DCD Media produces programmes but is also linked to a private equity-backed fund to finance projects and help company weather the financial climate. DCD's success is also dependant on a continued flow of successful productions but company appears heading in right direction, should produce a profit next year.

Share tips : GKN, Xchanging, Infoserve, Silence Theraputics & Drax
21/12/2009 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 268 words

Christmas week : GKN has upgraded its profit forecasts this year although the shares, on the day fell. At eight times the 2011 earnings the Times points out that the shares trade at a steep discount to similar US companies and recommend a buy.

Drax shares were recommended in the Telegraph’s Questor on November 31 who advised buying the shares for the yield. With a significant amount of capacity hedged into 2011 and despite a huge amount of gas capacity that threatens coal-fired power production, the shares remains buy according to the Telegraph.

Xchanging has undergone a cost cutting exercise which should be welcomed by investors, but with governments still keen inn the service industry sector on outsourcing, but corporate opportunity appears to be limieted. The Independent says sell, there are better opportunities elsewhere.

Polar Capital Technology Trust has gained over 30% since January, Polar invests in the global technology opportunities providing exposure to existing mega companies as well as carefully selecting the next-possible winners. On the basis of Polar’s track record, the should be tucked away, says the Times.

Investors in Infoserve, the online local search specialist, have been waiting for an upturn that so far hasnt come. Advertising revenues are likely to come under renewed pressure in the event of a double dip in the economy. Despite this, the Independent is speculatively positive. buy.

Silence Therapeutics, the AIM-listed biotech company resumed trading yesterday after an all-paper merger with Intradigm, of California, and a £15 million share issue. However the Times recommends to wait for news of further progress on licensing deals before buying in.

Share tips : Hargreaves, John Wood Group, Chrysalis & Mcbride
21/12/2009 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 219 words

Christmas week : Coal specialist Hargreaves provides a fully integrated coal related service mining the raw material, transporting and supplying power stations through a fleet of vehicles. The company recycles ash into aggregate for paving and masonry products. As one of the largest coke traders and coal service companies in Europe, buy says the Telegraph.

John Wood Group confirmed that its 2009 earnings would meet market expectations with P/E ratio estimated by Evolution Securities at 9.4 times in 2009 and likely to be 11.5 times in 2010. The stock is probably the pick compared to the rest of the sector. Buy says the Independent although they dont expect a sudden rush for the shares as propects improve during 2010.

The Times commented that John Wood low-risk contracts based on reimbursable costs, make a good point to buy.

Music group Chrysalis agreed to a hedging agreement to protect itself against economic conditions and possible future interest rate rises. Despite newly signed chart successes, Bat for Lashes, Tinchy Stryder and Fleet Foxes there should be better times to buy. Avoid says the Times.

McBride makes own-brand products for leading supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda. McBride have forged a place in the market because its low cost products provides cost effective alternatives for consumers. Buy says the Independent.

Share tips : Ryanair, Petrofac, Hochschild Mining & Savills
21/12/2009 - Newspaper Share Tips - 0 Comments - 210 words

Christmas week : Ryanair confirmed it would not be ordering more aircraft from Boeing. Company is to distribute some cash back to shareholders. Group is likely to be loss-making in early 2010 however, it will respond significantly to an upturn and generally the business runs well. Buy says the Sunday Telegraph.

Multi faceted oil design and operating company Petrofac not only designs and builds facilities needed, it manages facilities and even invests in oil exploration. Profits after tax have shown a year-on-year increase of 25% and the Petrofac shares have have risen significantly. The Mail suggests that they should continue. For now hold says the Mail on Sunday.

Miner Hochschild's investments in other precious metal groups totals over 10% of the company assets. With four mines strategically well placed the outlook for precious metals and for Hochschild remains positive. Buy says the Sunday Telegraph.

Savills the high end property auctioneers suprised the city by advising that its earnings would be ahead of expectations out of kilter with UK property market but indicting that all is perhaps not so bad at the top of the property market. Savills shares could be punted as short-term trading buy but quick to sell on sign of further down turn says the Independent.


Check UK share tips at following link...
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