A. B. Watley Group Inc.

Headquartered in New York City, A. B. Watley Group Inc - ABWG is a provider of online financial services through its wholly owned subsidiary, A.B. Watley Direct, Inc., a broker-dealer registered with the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. and a SIPC member.


A B Watley Group Inc offer a range of services developed for the most demanding day traders and ABWG Brokers are positioned to attract the most diverse range of investors - from the average, occasional investors to the most sophisticated retail or institutional stock trader.

Trading on
Nasdaq Stock Market
New York Stock Exchange
American Stock Exchange
OTC Bulletin Board

ABWG online discount brokerage firm offers two electronic trading systems which employ continually updated computer hardware and software to instantly deliver real-time market data and process customer orders.


The two primary systems offered by Watley Group Brokers are UltimateTraderTM and WatleyTraderTM. UltimateTraderTM was developed by ABWG Software Team as a unique trading system that empowers the high-end, large volume retail and/or institutional stock trader with a transparent view of the electronic stock markets. This innovative system is a client-server application that can be accessed through the Internet, as well as through various private virtual networks.

Web-based WatleyTraderTM, on the other hand, was designed to attract individual investors seeking fundamental online trading solutions. By offering both of these services, ABWG offers the solution for all equities traders and investors as their trading needs evolve.

Through its trading platforms, ABWG also offers a full range of financial products, in addition to equities and equity options trading, including spot foreign exchange (Forex or FX), as well as currency options, futures, physical commodities, mutual funds and fixed income products.

Access to quality research, graphing and charting capabilities and NASDAQ Level II data are a hallmark of UltimateTrader. By offering multiple levels of service to suit the need of every online trader (from the occasional investor to the active day trader), ABWG is an option for trading or investing.

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