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Affina Brokerage Services, LLC offer mutual funds, corporate bonds, stocks and shares, margin trading accounts and Affina Brokerage Services website - - a powerful tool to help investors manage investments online. Investors may enter orders seven days a week and enjoy the flexibility of investing whenever you want. Investor can also access balances, portfolio holdings, account activity, order status, market snapshots, investor education and more.

Mutual Funds are a cost-effective way for individual investors to diversify their portfolios and have access to professional money management. Affina Services include dividend reinvestment, fund exchanges, dollar-cost averaging . systematic redemptions, and prospectus mailings. Affina also offer a no-transaction fee mutual fund program.

Corporate Bonds advice : Corporate Bonds are debt securities issued by publicly held corporations to raise money for expansion or other business needs. They typically pay a higher rate of interest than federal or municipal government bonds but the interest is generally fully taxable. Affina Services will advise and clarify the complicated market in corporate bond products.


Margin Share Accounts are brokerage accounts that allow a wider range of transactions than cash accounts. In a Margin Account, you can buy securities by putting up only a part of the purchase price, sell short, and day trade. in a Affina Brokerage Services account you are able to establish the privileges of a margin account and unleash the potential borrowing power of your brokerage account balnce, leveraging investment assets and obtain a line of credit at competitive rates.

Money Market Accounts give you high liquidity with a rate that is generally higher than the average Savings Account. You can sweep your uninvested Cash Account balance to a taxable or tax-free Money Market Fund. Dividends and capital gains from Equities and Closed-end Funds are automatically reinvested to purchase additional whole and fractional shares of the same security.


Affina Retirement Accounts : IRAs or Individual Retirement Accounts, are accounts you set up and manage on your own or with the help of your financial adviser. Affina Brokerage Services, LLC offer a range of self-directed investment choices, including Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Rollover IRAs and SEP IRAs.

Affina Trust Services : When you create a Trust, you transfer money and/or other assets to the Trust, giving up ownership of those assets in order to accomplish a specific financial goal. You designate a trustee, whose job is to manage the assets in the Trust and distribute them according to the instructions you provide. Through Affina Brokerage Services, LLC's unique relationship with a National Trust Service Cooperative, Affina Brokerage Services, LLC can deliver a wide range of trust-related services such as Living Trusts, Trusts Under Will, Estate Settlement, Non-discretionary Custody Accounts, Escrow Accounts and Financial Planning.

Affina Wealth Management Services : Drawing on Affina Brokerage Services, LLC's special relationship with a National Trust Service Cooperative, they can help you develop an asset allocation plan for your investments, individually tailored to your personal goals and risk tolerance. Affina Brokerage Services, LLC offer a wide array of services to help you plan and manage your wealth, including Investment Management, Financial Planning, Estate Planning and Trust Services.

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Affina is a member of FINRA and SIPC.

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