Cobra Trading Inc

Cobra Trading, Inc is a direct access broker/dealer providing online and telephone services to active stock market traders in Stocks, Derivatives - Options, Futures, CFD's, Warrants and forex.

Cobra Trading ensure reliable execution of trades on what they claim is the top trading platforms the industry has to offer ! Cobra further believes that its competitive commission schedules and dedicated customer service team continue to position Cobra Trading, Inc. as the premier brokerage firm for active day traders.

Cobra's online daytrading platforms comprise of six unique market trading softwares to provide the flexibility required for each individuals particular trading style:

- CobraIQ
- OmniPro
- Sterling Trader Pro
- DAS Trader Pro
- Cobra Online
- Penson FX Trader

Cobra offer competitive commission schedules that can be customized therefore open to negotiation ! Cobra Trading committed customer service representatives are also available to answer any question that might arise. Cobra offer broker assisted trades at no additional cost for those times when you just can't make it to your computer.

Cobra Trading make customer service their number one priority. Each call is answered by one of Cobra's knowledgeable, helpful representatives who strive to personally answer each one of your questions. In addition, Cobra's representatives are available online via instant messaging through Yahoo, MSN, and AOL to give you the best trade experience possible.


Professional Level Platforms are priced competitively. Cobra have carefully examined many trading platforms to select systems that can stand up to the demands of today's professional active market trader. Choose any of Cobra's direct access platforms to get immediate access to the market makers with no proprietary trading desk to slow your execution.

Shorting the market : Have you ever had that perfect trade and your broker wouldn't allow you to short the stock? At Cobra Trading, Inc. they work very hard on getting those hard-to-borrow short locates so that when you want to make a trade, you will have every opportunity to make it.


Account Types: Individual account with one beneficial owner for people who want to trade personal capital also Joint (JTWROS) most commonly for married couples, this is an account with two equal interest owners where upon the death or decision of incompetence of either owner, account ownership passes to the survivor.
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs),
Corporate - An account held in the name of a company with designated persons who act and trade on behalf of the company.
LLC : An entity account managed by its members who also appoint a person or persons to act on the companies behalf.
Trust : An account where the investments are held in the name of the trust while the trustee controls the management of said investments.
Sole Proprietor : An account for the sole owner of an unincorporated business who is also the accounts beneficiary.
Partnership : Two or more individuals that designate members of the partnership to act on behalf of the partnership as a whole. Each individual owner of the partnership is equally and personally responsible for its debts.

Cobra Trading, Inc.
431 Second Street
Suite 302
Hudson, WI 54016

Phone 715-381-6538
Fax 715-381-6869


Member FINRA and SIPC.

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