Direct Sharedeal

Direct Sharedeal Ltd (DSL) are a premier independent stockbroker dealing world-wide, available equally to private investors or to institutions, whether investing just a few hundred pounds or hundreds of thousands of pounds, Direct Sharedeal will support your need to you meet investment objectives.

As an ‘independent’ broker, they are not part of a large institution that puts the needs of their ‘house clients’ first. All Direct Sharedeal trades are executed immediately and at the best possible price.


Direct Sharedeal treat every corporate client and private investor with the same respect making sure your trades are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Being independent also allows Direct Sharedeal to be more flexible and they will adapt to a developing environment and add new products to meet changing needs of clients.

Direct Sharedeal’s brokers make sure that when you buy and sell shares you get the best price possible. Direct Sharedeal also provide you with a wide variety of services. By using the latest technologies they keep your costs down and their levels of service high.

Direct Sharedeal provide a comprehensive range of services and online trading as well as telephone orders.

1. Trading in UK, European, US and other global markets.
2. Dealing in gilts and other fixed income instruments.
3. Provider of Financial News and Information.
4. Trading in CFDs and Spread Bettings.
5. Tax-efficient ‘umbrellas’ including ISAs, PEPs and SIPPs.
6. Online trading tools.
7. A wide range of financial services.
8. Fully automated ‘White Label’ solutions.


Brokers will be happy to discuss the state of the markets or the latest news with you and you will be treated as a client, not as an account. Direct Sharedeal are proud that the large majority of their new clients come to them by way of a personal recommendation – the ultimate endorsement of their service.

If you are looking to manage all aspects of your finances, discuss with Direct Sharedeal who may offer solutions. Through their network of partners they can assist you in the formulation of tax efficient investment decisions, even finding a remortgage or further banking services. This is the level of service that you will come to expect from Direct Sharedeal.

Institutional business Continuity at Direct Sharedeal: Direct Sharedeal understand the importance of ‘Business Continuity’ and also requirement for ‘Disaster Recovery’ when things do go wrong in business – they describe their ability to keep their promises to you, come what may. Hence they have a full set of emergency management plans, which they test regularly and a fully functional Disaster Recovery site with uninterruptible power supplies and resilient communications. In the event of an emergency they are confident they could resume their usual service to you very quickly.

Direct Sharedeal and Compliance: The term ‘Compliance’ refers to meeting capital adequacy requirements, satisfying FSA regulations and protecting your data. Direct Sharedeal have a strong belief in compliance and have invested heavily in people and systems. This ensures they manage their risks and remain in compliance without passing a financial burden on to you.

Direct Sharedeal’s online tools are not only convenient, they can also add insight to your investment decisions. Use the graphics package, for example, to display a simple price and volume graph or apply more sophisticated studies such as Stochastics or Bollinger bands. Or check their news, provided by Sharewatch, to find out what has happened to a company today without waiting for tomorrow’s papers.

Direct Sharedeal’s trading website can provide you with the following:
1. Up-to-date share prices.
2. Price graphs.
3. Technical analysis studies.
4. News.
5. Current portfolio valuations.
6. Instant deal confirmation and ability to retrieve historic contract notes.
7. Online trading of CFDs and spread betting.

Direct Sharedeal has a dedicated online platform for trading Contracts For Difference and spread bets. This tool allows you to quickly open and close trades and monitor your positions. You can also use live prices, graphs and news to support your trading decisions.

A range of services for experienced traders: Experienced investors may wish to take advantage of their extended settlement options, which allow trades to be settled on a T+20 basis.

Online Inheritance Tax valuation tool:
The latest online tool to be launched by Direct Sharedeal is designed to make life easier for those people who find themselves inheriting or acting as executor for an estate. The tool can provide a current valuation or an exact historical valuation of a portfolio from any time in the last 5 years.

Glasgow Head Office:
4 West Regent Street,
G2 1RW.

Tel: 0141 270 3200.
Fax: 0141 270 3222.

Direct Sharedeal are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), their private clients are automatically covered by the FSA Investor Compensation Scheme and in order to offer you additional peace of mind they also have a supplementary insurance policy.

Availability of Direct Sharedeal CFD accounts, derivatives trading facilities, futures, traded options should be checked at site together with current status of stock broking and share dealing services, private banking or wealth management, check at the Direct Sharedeal website or Direct Sharedeal by phone.

These details could be out of date and Direct Sharedeal services may change. Information about Direct Sharedeal should be verified at the Direct Sharedeal website.
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