Durlacher, Panmure Gordon & Charles Stanley

Nothing-Ventured.com was Durlacher Limited's online execution only stockbroker merged with Panmure Gordon.

Durlacher originally owned the Nothing Ventured online share dealing service although this was acquired by stockbroker Charles Stanley in 2003. Durlacher later merged with the Panmure Gordon stockbroking division of Lazard, and the combined 160-strong workforce will be based at Durlacher's Moorgate office during 2005.

Key features Durlachers Online Account:

  • Flat fee of £9.95 a trade
  • Trade all LSE and AIM securities online
  • Trade international blue chip stocks,investment trusts and warrants
  • Full access to Premier Service with share tips from The Panel
  • Broker recommendations, full nominee and corporate action service
  • Telephone-assisted dealing service
  • Trade inside a tax-wrapper with an ISA, PEP and Self-Select Pension
  • No ISA/PEP administration fees if you have a dealing account

This info could be out of date. Latest details should be checked at panmure.com website.

Durlacher mission was in building a local presence across Europe in key markets including Germany, Spain and Scandinavia as well as the UK. Durlacher expanded its area of expertise by the joint ventures with BMP of Germany to create and share knowledge in the emerging areas of nanotechnology and life sciences.

An execution service, launched in February 2000 provided members with online trading and exclusive access to new issues (IPOs) and pre-IPO opportunities solely from Durlacher’s rapidly growing portfolio of investee companies.

Durlacher added three financial news services - ShareCast.com, MichaelWalters.com and Biopoly.com to it portfolio although these have since been sold off to Digital Look the stockmarket information provider - part of CMC Markets.

Share Trading Fees

Questions to consider if you are opening an online shares account

Dealing costs The actual cost of placing an individual buy/sell order. There is stamp duty also at the prevailing rate but only on buys. Allways check that cheap dealing offers dont have high admin charges.

Admin charges Normally charged quarterly. When calculating real cost look at number of deals likely per year and then add in this admin cost.

Transfer costs Check costs to transfer in and out shares, share certificates and other charges must also be considered when evaluating costs.

Online or telephone dealing Nearly all brokers now offer some form of Online dealing with telephone as optional back-up. Some Online systems have some human interface and others are 100% automated.

Holding share certificates Outside of accounts avoids admin charges. Ok if you are likely to be a long term share holder (years not months).

Broker support How much info can the broker offer you? Will he offer advice and recommendations or is his service completely without support.

Broker speciality Information Some will offer Real-time share prices, trades information, news and feedback direct from the trading floor, live market data.