FOLIOfn Investments

FOLIOfn Investments, Inc. launched in 1999 provide stock broking fund management services accessed by online trader station or by telephone and alerted by email helping individual investors achieve financial success with the best investment options available for a fair price.

FOLIOfn 100 provide specially designed investment portfolios, Ready-to-Go Folios. Each constituent of 'Ready-to-Go Folios' has an overview of the securities within the portfolio as well as the description of the basis on which the investments they are selected and updated.

FOLIOfn re-balance 'Ready-to-Go Folios' periodically and send you email alerts each time a change is recommended. As account holder, you are able to act on these fund update recommendations. Its these email update alerts that makes FOLIOfn offering quite different to other mutual fund administrators and will appeal to many investors who hope to be actively involved in the maintenance of the portfolio. Products, offered by FOLIOfn Investments provide significant tax advantages, transparency, customization, lower costs and diversification.

FOLIOfn Investments:
Account holders actively involved in the management of a diversified portfolio
email updates advise of recommended changes to portfolio.
Reduce investment costs, trading commissions, and capital gains taxes
Leverage new technologies to improve the user experience
Give investors greater control over what they own - an advantage denied to mutual fund investors
Automatic on-going contributions are easily setup.
There are no commissions for buying, selling or modifying a Folio with FOLIOfn

Ready-to-Go Folios
FOLIOfn Investments have over a hundred specially designed Folios, (base models) - what FOLIOfn Investments call Ready-to-Go Folios to get you started. Each is built around a particular investing strategy - such as a market sector, geographic region, investing style, or retirement-focus, like FOLIOfn Investments's 'Target Date Folios'. Every Ready-to-Go Folio has an overview of the securities in the Folio as well as how they are selected and updated.

FOLIOfn Investments allow you to build your own Folios as simply as their Ready-to-Go Folios are to pick. Add up to 100 stocks, ETFs or mutual funds to each. Customization may easily be made via the online trader station and you can allocate funds equally across all of the holdings in your new Folio, use market cap weightings, or customize each security weighting. FOLIOfn Investments complete all the back-end administrational paperwork and accounts can contain as many individual Folios as you want.
Increase returns with less risk. Use any of FOLIOfn Investments' 100
Ready-to-Go Folios to kick start your strategy or build your own. Reduce Costs — The only brokerage with truly flat fee pricing. Low fixed costs with the Folio Unlimited Plan. Unlimited commission-free trading in twice daily windows, unlimited Folios, and unlimited accounts. Buy more of your Folios and rebalance them for no extra charge.
Invest in what you want, the way you want. Adjust your portfolio to your risk and needs. Exclude companies that don’t fit with your strategy or values. Invest Consistently — The only brokerage that makes it cost-effective. Disciplined investing with just the amount of money you choose. FOLIOfn Investments' Auto Buy/Sell with patented window trades makes consistent investing simple. Minimize Taxes — Control gains and losses while diversifying cost-effectively. Manage capital gains and losses better — unlike funds, realize gains & losses when the time is right for you.
Use FOLIOfn Investments' tools, like FOLIOfn Investments' 8 automated tax lot strategies, to manage your taxes efficiently.

Customer Service Department
FOLIOfn Investments, Inc.
PO Box 3068
Merrifield, VA 22116-3068

Contact foliofN as follows;
Toll-Free: 1-888-973-7890

International: 703-245-5772
Fax: 703-880-7312

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