About Halifax Share Dealing

Halifax Online now display's most of your accounts on one screen by creating your own financial portfolio. Details can be found on their web site. You can do your share dealing in real-time online, view market and company information, get free online prices and more.

Key Features:

  • Simple - easy to use online trading or telephone service
  • Informed - 24-hour access to stock market prices, market information and world news
  • Secure - Halifax offers only the highest level of security and confidentiality
  • Competitive - their commission rates are competitive whatever your size of transaction

Halifax ShareBuilder

Halifax ShareBuilder is their innovative online monthly savings plan. It's easy to use, affordable and fun. There's no set-up charge and the cost to invest is just 1.50 per stock.

  • Competitive dealing charges
  • No annual management fee
  • Nominee account

If you wish, a Halifax Sharedealing representative will contact to explain how their Online Trading systems can work for you and answer your questions directly.

Halifax Self-Select ISA

It works just like a normal share dealing account - you can buy and sell shares in the same way, but the growth and returns are free from capital gains and income tax.

  • Available as a mini or maxi ISA
  • Invest a lump sum or regular payments
  • Competitive dealing charges
  • Deal online
  • Nominee account

Tracker Shares

Tracker shares mirror the fortunes of an index of shares, such as the FTSE 100 or S&P 500. They combine the benefits of a fund - instant diversification as your risk is spread across a whole sector - with the benefits of a share, in that they're easy to buy and sell and you receive dividends.

They are good for diversifying into many shares at the same time rather than 'putting all your eggs in one basket'. This can reduce risk. It is unlikely that an index, such as the FTSE 100 will ever fall to nil, whereas company shares can.

Stock Brokers Costs

Questions to consider if you are opening an online stockbroking account

Dealing costs The actual cost of placing an individual buy/sell order. There is stamp duty also at the prevailing rate but only on buys. Allways check that cheap dealing offers dont have high admin charges.

Admin charges Normally charged quarterly. When calculating real cost look at number of deals likely per year and then add in this admin cost.

Transfer costs Check costs to transfer in and out shares, share certificates and other charges must also be considered when evaluating costs.

Online or telephone dealing Nearly all brokers now offer some form of Online dealing with telephone as optional back-up. Some Online systems have some human interface and others are 100% automated.

Holding share certificates Outside of accounts avoids admin charges. Ok if you are likely to be a long term share holder (years not months).

Broker support How much info can the broker offer you? Will he offer advice and recommendations or is his service completely without support.

Broker speciality Information Some will offer Real-time share prices, trades information, news and feedback direct from the trading floor, live market data.