About Hargreaves Lansdown

Traditionally Peter Hargreaves service offered advice in investment planning. These days Hargreaves Lansdown have created a comprehensive service providing stocks, shares, funds all traded online with options for SIPP and ISA consolidated within the same online account.

Hargreaves Lansdown was established in 1981 by Peter Hargreaves and Stephen Lansdown who are still at the helm today. They carry one of the highest level of authorisation from the FSA and as such can offer more investment services than most financial organisations.

HL Vantage Service

These days the Hargreaves Lansdown service has evolved into a highly sophisticated and extensive online service. The HL Vantage Service is suitable for stocks and shares, funds and investment trusts as well as SIPPs and ISA accounts.

The HL Vantage shares account also provides spreadbetting, CFD's and VCT's for those seeking speciality trading facilities. The service also extends to Hargreaves Lansdown traditional areas of portfolio management, stakeholder pension advice and planning and even into foreign currency.

Key Features of HL Vantage Account

  • Advice , Annuities, Critical Illness
  • Discounts - Fund Management & Fund Supermarkets
  • Gilts, Bonds, Investment Trusts
  • Pensions, Group Pensions, stakeholder pensions
  • Income Drawdown, Investing for Income
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Stocks and shares online accounts
  • Life Insurance Funds
  • Offshore Investments
  • OEICs - open ended investment companies
  • Stocks & Shares ISAs
  • ISA Transfers to HL Vantage ISA
  • Portfolio Reviews - managed accounts
  • HL Vantage SIPP
  • Unit Trusts Trackers
  • With Profits Bonds

The HL Vantage SIPP

Voted best SIPP Provider 10 years running, the Hargreaves Lansdown SIPP provides the means for you to manage your SIPP online, by phone, post and you can access free research, articles, tools and insights from Hargreaves Lansdown pension team.

It was ‘What Investment’ that have voted the HL Vantage SIPP 'Best SIPP Provider' 10 years in running and more than 250,000 investors already use the HL Vantage SIPP.

Hargreaves Lansdown make it easy to transfer from another SIPP provider or old pensions to the SIPP and provide direct help if required. The HL Vantage platform offers access to over 2,500 funds, shares, investment trusts.

HL Vantage Pensions Helpdesk is open 6 days a week. There are no set-up or transfer-in charges. No charges for buying or selling funds. With flexibility to take money out of your pension how you wish from age 55. Advice on drawdown, lump sums and annuities options available.

The HL Vantage ISA

The Hargreaves Lansdown Stocks & Shares ISA provides the same funds and shares online platform allowing you full control to buy, sell and manage your ISA your way, with Hargreaves free research, articles, tools and support.

The HL Vantage ISA also provides a ready-made ISA portfolio facility for a hassle-free core funds component. Still, you will be able to hold other ISA investments such as self-select stocks & shares alongside your ready-made portfolio if you wish.

A ready-made ISA portfolio provides a simpler way to invest and easy way to get started choosing from six pre-built portfolios, with a different investment themes and levels of risk and leaving day-to-day management to leading fund managers.

Hargreaves Lansdown investment team will regularly rebase your portfolio, locking in profite and helping to increase performance potential whilst spreading the risk.

You may open an HL Vantage ISA with a minimum lump sum from £100 or a monthly direct debit from just £25 per month. A Stocks & Shares ISA offers an easy-to-manage, tax-efficient solution giving you access to a wide range of investments and tools.

There is no income tax or capital gains tax to pay on your ISA investments. Check Details at Hargreaves Lansdown site.

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Online Stockbroking FAQs

Questions to consider if you are opening an online share dealing account

Dealing costs The actual cost of placing an individual buy/sell order. There is stamp duty also at the prevailing rate but only on buys. Allways check that cheap dealing offers dont have high admin charges.

Admin charges Normally charged quarterly. When calculating real cost look at number of deals likely per year and then add in this admin cost.

Transfer costs Check costs to transfer in and out shares, share certificates and other charges must also be considered when evaluating costs.

Online or telephone dealing Nearly all brokers now offer some form of Online dealing with telephone as optional back-up. Some Online systems have some human interface and others are 100% automated.

Holding share certificates Outside of accounts avoids admin charges. Ok if you are likely to be a long term share holder (years not months).

Broker support How much info can the broker offer you? Will he offer advice and recommendations or is his service completely without support.

Broker speciality Information Some will offer Real-time share prices, trades information, news and feedback direct from the trading floor, live market data.