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HSBC online bank account, InvestDirect online account, HSBC stockbroking services, HSBC Online Bank accounts for share dealing in UK. HSBC Bank stockbroking accounts

HSBC share dealing service, InvestDirect online account, HSBC InvestDirect Plus online accounts, HSBC online bank accounts for share dealing, HSBC Bank InvestDirect stockbroking accounts, HSBC broker recommendations, HSBC bank account for shares, HSBC online bank account, HSBC stockbroking services, HSBC Bank stockbroking

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HSBC share dealing service * InvestDirect Plus online accounts * Merrill Lynch HSBC bank accounts for share dealing

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About HSBC Sharedealing - InvestDirect

Click here to visit the Merrill Lynch HSBC site

Launched in the UK in May 2001, Merrill Lynch HSBC provided a high-quality direct investing and banking service to private investors although Merrill Lynch pulled out of its wealth management joint venture with HSBC in 2002 and therefore quashed any speculation of America's largest stockbroker and Europe's largest bank heading for a mega-merger.

The Merrill Lynch name, Merrill Lynch HSBC - MLHSBC stayed part of the venture's brand for two years and continued to provide its investment research. At the present there is InvestDirect.

InvestDirect and InvestDirect Plus are HSBC Banks online share dealing service and allows buying and selling of shares through market leading research tools. In order to qualify you need an existing HSBC Bank Account and to be registered for Internet Banking through the HSBC Online Bank Account.

With InvestDirect / InvestDirect Plus you may deal in UK, US and some further international equities, Gilts, most UK ETF's and funds - unit trusts plus a selection of HSBC Fund of Funds and you may Use the interactive tools within InvestDirect and InvestDirect Plus to help make more informed decision - and you may borrow against your existing portfolio (InvestDirect Plus).

HSBC Bank InvestDirect also offer HSBC online ISA, HSBC shares ISA with Selected Investment Funds opportunities as well as HSBC World Selection and "Capital Protected ISA" product. Check HSBC website for further details.

Key Features :

  • A total wealth snapshot anytime
  • Cash Accounts online in Sterling, Euro & US Dollar currencies
  • Share Dealing in US and UK equities in one investment account
  • Higher Interest Savings Account in Sterling
  • HSBC Sharedealing ISA and PEP shares trading in UK & US equities
  • Protected Investment Products (PIPs)
  • Trading Reserve overdraft facility
  • Research from Merrill Lynch and HSBC, 24 hours a day

InvestDirect formed out of Merrill Lynch HSBC was originally the joint venture between Merrill Lynch, the pre-eminent American investment bank, and HSBC, the global financial services group. They used the skill and resources of both companies to create a product that won the Most Consumer-Friendly Online Broker award at the Investor's Week Online Finance Awards in 2001.

In July 2002, Merrill Lynch HSBC became 100% owned by HSBC, and became a full member of the HSBC Group.

The HSBC bank account and InvestDirect Investment and Banking Portfolio (IBP) allows you the freedom to:

  • Hold UK and US equities within one integrated investment account.
  • Keep a close watch on your portfolio by jumping straight from your "Share Holdings" screen to "News, Research and Quotes" screen.
  • Transfer your existing shares to Merrill Lynch HSBC.

In addition, you can buy and sell shares online whenever the markets are open or stack orders out of hours with the following exchanges:

  • London Stock Exchange including Alternative Investment Market (AIM).
  • New York Stock Exchange. AMEX incl Nasdaq.
  • Most European Exchanges.


Things to watch for in choosing a stock broker

Dealing costs The actual cost of placing an individual buy/sell order. There is stamp duty also at the prevailing rate but only on buys. Allways check that cheap dealing offers dont have high admin charges.

Admin charges Normally charged quarterly. When calculating real cost look at number of deals likely per year and then add in this admin cost.

Transfer costs Check costs to transfer in and out shares, share certificates and other charges must also be considered when evaluating costs.

Online or telephone dealing Nearly all brokers now offer some form of Online dealing with telephone as optional back-up. Some Online systems have some human interface and others are 100% automated.

Holding share certificates Outside of accounts avoids admin charges. Ok if you are likely to be a long term share holder (years not months).

Broker support How much info can the broker offer you? Will he offer advice and recommendations or is his service completely without support.

Broker speciality Information Some will offer Real-time share prices, trades information, news and feedback direct from the trading floor, live market data.

HSBC share dealing service, HSBC Bank InvestDirect stockbroking accounts, HSBC InvestDirect Plus online accounts, HSBC broker recommendations, HSBC Bank accounts Page has details of the HSBC share dealing service, the HSBC Bank InvestDirect stockbroking accounts, HSBC ISA login, international shares trading with HSBC InvestDirect Plus online accounts, HSBC broker recommendations and research tools require an existing HSBC Bank account through the HSBC Online Bank account login. Details of HSBC SIPPs, CFDs, Self-Select ISAs, Self-Select PEPs, info about HSBC stockbroking services & trading shares on world markets with Merrill Lynch HSBC share dealing accounts can be found at HSBC website.

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